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7am: I’m an early riser so I like to get

up and have a nice cup of tea and some warm milk and Weetabix to set me up for the day. 8am: It’s time for a work­out so I go to

my lo­cal gym. I do ten min­utes on the cross trainer, bike, tread­mill and row­ing ma­chine and a few weights and sit ups.

It’s good to stay in shape and I find ex­er­cise re­ally clears my head. 9am: I get home and have a shower, wash my hair, put my make up on and I’m ready for the day.

It al­ways takes me a while to pick my un­der­wear though, I al­ways like to look nice for my clients and spend a for­tune on lin­gerie! 10am: Time for my first client. To­day I’m with Char­lie. He’ s a good look­ing lad, in his 50s and is very pleas­ant and po­lite.

He turns up in a smart suit and a shirt and tie. He’ s booked in for oral, anal and full sex and goes away grin­ning like the Cheshire Cat! 11am: Be­cause I work from home I like

to keep the place spick and span so I nip round with the hoover and do a bit of wash­ing up.

No man wants to see a lady who can’ t keep a nice house so I al­ways make sure ev­ery­where is squeaky clean! Noon: Time to catch up with some pa­per­work. Although I have lots of fun in the be­d­room I need to keep my books in shape too!

I pride my­self on pay­ing my taxes and am to­tally above board, so ev­ery day I have to keep on top of my pa­per­work. Bor­ing I know but has to be done! 1pm: Lunchtime. I have a salad sand­wich and some fruit, a ba­nana and some chopped mango. I al­ways make sure I have my five a day! That’s fruit, not men, but I usu­ally do that as well! 2pm: An­other client ar­rives, an older

guy in his 60s. I have to be dis­creet so I won’ t give his name.

He has a mas­sage and oral sex and is with me for an hour. Some of the younger clients like to go at it ham­mer and tongs to it’snice to take it easy some­times. 3pm: I catch up with read­ing my mag­a­zines. I love to read the real life women’s mag­a­zines and find other peo­ple’s lives fas­ci­nat­ing. I’ve been in a few my­self over the years!

A young guy in his late 20s who’ s been work­ing as a porn star comes to see me. We have a chat and he tells me what he does. I joke to him and say , ‘Aren’ t you get­ting enough nookie al­ready!’

He tells me he’ s wor­ried about his per­for­mance, so I tell him we’d bet­ter get started!

We have a great time. He throws me all over the room and we do it in all kinds of po­si­tions! I have or­gasm af­ter or­gasm and as­sure him he’s do­ing a grand job! 4pm: An­other client comes along who

I see reg­u­larly. He’s in his 40s and says his wife only has sex with him three times a year if he’s lucky.

I’m gobsmacked! I can do that in an hour! Hon­estly, what is wrong with these women?

They’re ask­ing for trou­ble, mar­ry­ing a man and never putting out.

We have a great time! His wife’ s loss is my gain I say! 5pm: I’ve got a free hour so I nip to Tesco and do a bit of shop­ping for din­ner for me and Barry. It’s chicken with pasta, broc­coli and sauce tonight. 6pm: My final client of the day . He’s

a businessman from Not­ting­ham and is very dishy, aged in his 40s.

I’m very flat­tered that he’ s trav­elled all the way to Ip­swich to see me! W e have a chat about my tat­toos and pierc­ings, then have oral and full sex. 7pm: Quick shower and I change into

my comfy clothes and set­tle down to din­ner with Barry and chat about my day. 8pm: Turn on Cor­rie and catch up with

the Frank Foster mur­der sto­ry­line. It’s had me gripped! I think it might be Michelle who’s done it. Barry thinks it’s Carla. 9pm: Watch that Scott and Bai­ley. I

love a real crime drama and Barry and I had a chuckle, re­mem­ber­ing how one of the de­tec­tives was in Rita, Sue and Bob Too. I love that film. 10.30pm: Time for bed.an­other busy

day to­mor­row so I need my beauty sleep!

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