He slipped me ex­tra sausage at break­fast!

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Dear Syren, ME and my boyfriend have been to­gether for two years and I stay at his house at week­ends.

Just re­cently, my fella’s brother, Dave, came to live with him – who I get on VERY well with too.

My bloke plays foot­ball for a pub team on Sun­day morn­ings and I usu­ally have a lie-in when he’s left the house.

But last week I woke up when I heard him drive off so I de­cided to get up and make break­fast.

I went down to the kitchen and put some sausages un­der the grill be­fore pop­ping back up­stairs to see if Dave was awake and if he wanted any­thing.


When I stuck my head around his be­d­room door he was ly­ing NAKED on the bed, with his eyes shut, pulling gen­tly at his MAS­SIVE knob!

Then he opened his eyes and looked straight at me – I was so em­bar­rassed, I just turned and ran down­stairs.

I tried to for­get what I’d just seen, but kept think­ing about Dave’s beau­ti­fully chis­elled body…and that HUGE willy, which looked far big­ger than his brother’s.

About 10 min­utes later, Dave came down to the kitchen – wear­ing a dress­ing gown – and asked me if there was any grub.

I de­cided to play it cool and told him to sit down at the ta­ble while I fixed him some bangers.

As I put the plate down, one of the sausages rolled off onto the floor and un­der his chair.

So I got down on my hands and knees and crawled un­der the ta­ble to re­trieve it.

It was then I no­ticed Dave had left his dress­ing gown gap­ing wide open to re­veal he wasn’t wear­ing any box­ers – and that heavy cock was just hang­ing there, star­ing me in the face.

Although I’d al­ready eaten, I sud­denly got the taste for more sausage so I leant into his ex­posed crotch for a closer look.

As I grasped his man­meat in one hand, I heard Dave gasp from above me and I felt his John­son give a lit­tle twitch and start to stiffen in my hand.

I could hear his knife and fork go­ing to work on the break­fast so I de­cided to join him and have a nosh my­self.

By the time I slid my hot mouth over the swollen end of his glis­ten­ing cock tip, I could feel my­self get­ting all wet too.

And his hard mem­ber tasted fan­tas­tic as I hun­grily licked and sucked his whole length into my mouth.

I got com­pletely car­ried away in the mo­ment and didn’t even no­tice when Dave’s big balls tight­ened – ready for him to ex­plode his hot por­ridge.

I never let my fella cli­max in my mouth – but I was so turned-on giv­ing his brother a gob­ble, I didn’t care when he shot his heavy load all over my lips and face.

Now, I can’t wait for my bloke to go out of the house so we can go at it again. Am I wrong to want him?

NG, East Sus­sex

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