It’s all turn­ing to sh*t as away day BLUES threaten to flush away Mancini’s ti­tle dreams

Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY MARCH 15 -

THAT was a week­end in foot­ball that mea­sured 9.5 on the REC­TUM scale. Shit­ters across the land went into over­drive as we of­fi­cially reached ‘the busi­ness end’ of the sea­son.

With 10 games to go in the Premier League it couldn’t be tighter at the top – or looser for the bottoms.

And you can bet that Sky Sports ex­ecs were cack­ing their undies with de­light at the prospect of the ti­tle race go­ing to the wire.

Has the call al­ready gone in to try to move the City v United match from the end of April to the last match of the sea­son?

As sure as your next shit, you can bet on it.

Mean­while, Roberto Mancini must have con­sid­ered bend­ing over and kiss­ing his arse good­bye as he curled one off af­ter Man City’s shock de­feat to Swansea.

The Blues have turned a seven-point lead at the top into a one-point deficit – and it seems it’s not just Mancini that’s fill­ing his shorts.

If you open the bog seat and peer in at City’s ti­tle chal­lenge, there are turds that are par­tic­u­larly hard to flush.

So while they are blitz­ing ev­ery­one at home, they’ve slipped up four times away – to Chelsea in De­cem­ber, to Sun­der­land and Ever­ton in Jan­uary, and now to Swansea in March. n fact it’s just two wins in seven away league games for the Blues – a bowel-emp­ty­ing stat if there ever was one.

There’s cracks here, and doubts there, and that’s got bums twitch­ing at the Eti­had and Alex Fer­gu­son smelling blood (as well as shit).

Fergie was quick to men­tion how United have clawed it back, and so he should – United are on top for the first time since Oc­to­ber.

Fergie’s men had been writ­ten off, cast away like bum-stained shit roll.

They were past it, gone, lack­ing in qual­ity and get­ting des­per­ate. They were up shit creek.

But while the Old Traf­ford class of 2012 might not have the qual­ity of pre­vi­ous sides, it has bags of ex­pe­ri­ence. And it has Fer­gu­son.

Fergie’s found a pad­dle and

Ithey’ve some­how pulled them­selves out of the brown stuff. Again.

Now they’ve adopted that all too fa­mil­iar de­fault set­ting of win­ning. Just win­ning. F*** style. F*** show­boat­ing. They’re just win­ning – and City know it.

The pres­sure looks like it’s telling for the Blues. The play­ers are squab­bling and the de­fend­ing was des­per­ate at the Lib­erty Sta­dium. But there’s still time to stem the flow. It’s still in City’s hands. With United still to come to Fortress Eti­had, it’s City’s if they want it.

But all of a sud­den trips to Stoke, Arse­nal and New­cas­tle look tricky for City. The lot could go down the pan if Mancini doesn’t get a grip. Fast.

And the an­swer is star­ing the Ital­ian in the face. It’s an­other lit­tle shit – Car­los Tevez.

He might be this, he might be that – but he’s also a fan­tas­tic foot­baller. And right now, City need a fan­tas­tic foot­baller. evez has the ego but he’s got the skills to back it up – he’s a match­win­ner. City haven’t made too much of a habit of win­ning matches late on in games, United have – but that’s bog stan­dard for the Red Devils.

Now’s the time for City to stop fart­ing around and play their trump card.

Mancini has to get his weapon out. It could be the dif­fer­ence be­tween sec­ond and first. The dif­fer­ence be­tween City’s first top league ti­tle since 1968 – their third – or United’s 20th.

And it could be the dif­fer­ence be­tween Mancini keep­ing his job and los­ing it.

Af­ter all, you’d think af­ter be­ing backed to the hilt fi­nan­cially and be­ing af­forded time to build, the shit would re­ally hit the fan in the Sheik Man­sour house­hold if Mancini blows it.

Shit or bust, Roberto, shit or bust.


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