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IF you want Bri­tish armed forces to come home from Afghanistan, con­tact your MP and let them know your views. To find your lo­cal MP and their con­tact de­tails, sim­ply go on the in­ter­net to: where you can find your MP by name, con­stituency or your post­code.

You can also write to your lo­cal news­pa­per, call your lo­cal BBC or com­mer­cial ra­dio phone-in shows or con­tact us here. Write to us at: Bring Our Troops Home, Mid­week Sport, 5 Union Street, Ard­wick, Manch­ester, M12 4JD.

Or email us:

We’ll print your com­ments in Mid­week, Week­end and Sun­day Sport.

We need to pull ALL of our troops out of there NO W, not in 2014 as sug­gested by the Prime Min­is­ter.

We have trained some of their peo­ple to fight this for them­selves. This war has been go­ing on long enough and has cost many lives of very young sol­diers and a large amount of in­juries too.

I do believ e that if our troops were in a w ar to pro­tect OUR coun­try then this would be a war that our troops w ould be v ery bravely fight­ing for. BUT they are not. It is a war where there will be no peace­ful end re­sult – if our troops are pulled out in 2014 the Tal­iban will con­tinue the way they are no w – killing in­no­cent civil­ians and be­head­ing w omen for show­ing their an­kles.

What kind of bar­bar ic way of life is this I ask. Do we not liv e in a w orld where EVER YONE should be a ble to liv e their lif e peacefully and not have to be told what to wear.

My son has done a tour of Afghanistan and is due to go out there again.

He’s 21and ser ves along­side the rest of our BRA VE bo ys. They do not de­serve to be in­volved in suc h a w ar. If it w as our coun­try and our peo­ple they were pro­tect­ing then so be it, but they are not.

Would you please ad dress this mat­ter in which­ever way you can to maybe get our br ave troops home ASAP.

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