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5. FOUR men dodged a bar bill in a sky­scraper in Melbourne, Australia by do­ing what? 6. Which Es­sex town had the hon­our of be­com­ing a city last week? 7. Who is the White House’s As­sis­tant Chief of Pro­to­col? 8. SUL­TAN Kosen ( 29, is fa­mous for be­ing what? 9. WHO found him­self in trou­ble with the cops for lob­bing a man’s iphone through a win­dow? 11. THOU­SANDS filed past Egypt’s Chris­tian leader Pope Shenouda on Sun­day as he sat on his throne. Why? a) He was wear­ing a new out­fit by FCUK b) He is the new na­tional footy team man­ager c) He was dead d) He gave away cakes

sand­wich from 1957 d) A WWII bomb

a) Slid­ing down ban­is­ters b) Parachut­ing out of the win­dow c) Hyp­no­tis­ing the staff d) Pulling guns a) Colch­ester b) Southend-on-sea c) Brent­wood d) Chelms­ford a) Bandy Rum­gard­ner b) Handy Gar­den­bum­mer c) Bummy Randy­bug­ger d) Randy Baum­gard­ner

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