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TWO more Bri­tish lives lost.

Six­teen Afghan sol­diers ar­rested with sui­cide jack­ets.

Our so-called al­lies in the Afghan Na­tional Army aren’t stab­bing our troops in the back – they’re shoot­ing them from the front – and our taxes are pay­ing for it.

It’s time Prime Min­is­ter David Cameron had the guts to stop dither­ing and bring all our forces home. NOW! Any­one who thinks this dire sit­u­a­tion won’t de­te­ri­o­rate fur­ther needs their head ex­am­in­ing.

The stark truth is that we are now in the in­sane po­si­tion of Bri­tish tax­pay­ers pay­ing to arm and train men who then kill our own sol­diers.

When, ex­actly, did any­one sign up to that?

Amer­ica went into Afghanistan 11 years ago hunt­ing for Osama Bin Laden to avenge 9/11.

Quite rightly, we went in with them.

Bin Laden was even­tu­ally found and killed 10 years later – not in a cave in Afghanistan, but across the bor­der in a big house in a Pak­istan sub­urb, where he’d ob­vi­ously had help to hide. The Tal­iban, who’d orig­i­nally har­boured Bin Laden, are also widely pre­sumed to be holed up in Pak­istan wait­ing for NATO troops to get out of Afghanistan.

So why not just let them have their dusty caves, their heroin crops and their hor­ri­ble re­al­ity back?

What IS the point of our men and women dy­ing out there?

We’ve spent 11 blood-soaked years, count­less bil­lions and – more im­por­tant than ANY­THING – the lives of 407 Bri­tish sol­diers, try­ing to win the “hearts and minds” of the Afghan na­tion.

We have failed. But it’s not a fail­ure of the li­on­hearts of the Bri­tish armed forces.

It is a fail­ure of politi­cians too thick to un­der­stand what they were deal­ing with. Afghanistan is not so much a na­tion as a rag-tag col­lec­tive run by drug deal­ers and war­lords.

Whether we like it or not, that is what it will al­ways will be.

Short of bomb­ing the en­tire place to smithereens, there is noth­ing any­one can do im­prove their lot.

So it’s more than past the time for our troops to come home.

Not a sin­gle more Bri­tish life should be lost just be­cause we haven’t got the balls to ad­mit that Afghanistan was, is and AL­WAYS will be, a com­pletely lost cause.

Afghanistan is not our prob­lem to fix.

This mis­sion has no merit, which is why it must end NOW.


Our Boys face dan­ger from Tal­iban AND Afghan


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