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New BBC1 tal­ent show

opened with its four celebrity judges singing “I’ve got a feel­ing that tonight’s gonna be a good night”.

Which just goes to show: you can’t al­ways trust your gut in­stinct.

The Voice is based on the sanc­ti­mo­nious idea that looks should NOT mat­ter in mu­sic. To prove this point, judge Jessie J rocked up in a pair of saggy leg­gings and an old cardi­gan.

Ac­tu­ally, that is not true. She rocked up in killer heels, full make-up and the clingi­est cat­suit known to man.

But, hey, they were prob­a­bly the first things she picked off the be­d­room floor, right?

The gim­mick is that the judges go “blind”. Not lit­er­ally – although it may be a risk if Jessie J keeps on wear­ing those cat­suits – but they face away from the stage dur­ing the au­di­tion.

If they like what they hear, they hit a but­ton to swivel their chair to face the stage like a James Bond bad­die. Ev­ery time it hap­pened, I half ex­pected them to be stroking a fluffy white cat (or, in Jones’ case, his fluffy white hair).

The high­light of the night was Toni Warne, a bald woman with a haunt­ing voice – Alope­cia Keyes, if you will.

Toni said she felt so em­bar­rassed by her bald­ness that she “hid away” in her bank job. If only Howard from the Hal­i­fax had felt the same way.

If she does hit the big time, maybe she can spare a thought for poor Sean Con­lon. He used to be in the boy­band 5ive – but failed to win over a sin­gle judge.

The only way he’ll ever get them to spin around and face him is by get­ting a job as a fair­ground at­ten­dant – on the Waltzers. IT was great to see foot­baller Frank Lam­pard join­ing the fun on BBC1’S Sport Re­lief.

The Chelsea cap­tain did a sketch in the Stam­ford Bridge tun­nel with Ra­mona Mar­quez, the lit­tle girl from BBC sit­com Out­num­bered.

“You’re cap­tain,” she told Lamps. “Does that mean if you lose the play­ers will all blame you.”

No, luv, Chelsea.

It means all the play­ers will blame the man­ager and stop try­ing un­til they get a new one.



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