I’m a les­bian but I need it with men too


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Dear Robyn, I’M a 23-year-old les­bian with a reg­u­lar girl­friend and our sex life is truly amaz­ing.

We both adore lick­ing out each other’s sweet-smelling fannies and f***ing each other wildly with sex toys.

But lately I’ve been feel­ing the need for some­thing and I’ve re­cently had sex with a man for the first time – and it was great.

A cou­ple of weeks ago I’m afraid I lied and I told my part­ner I was go­ing to my sis­ter’s for the night.

But in­stead, I went cruis­ing the sin­gles bars look­ing for a man to f***.

In the sec­ond pub I saw this good-look­ing guy lean­ing on the bar who was mean and moody.

An in­stinc­tive sex­ual de­sire took over me and I longed to feel his dick deep in­side my pussy, in my mouth or be­tween my breasts.

I of­fered to buy him a drink and when he ac­cepted I wasted no time flirt­ing out­ra­geously with him be­fore even­tu­ally ask­ing him back to a ho­tel I had booked into.


He smiled and said that his girl­friend might not like it – and I said, “well nei­ther would mine”.

He seemed in­trigued by this and took up my of­fer.

Once in the ho­tel we got straight down to it and I slipped off his pants. An elec­tric plea­sure ran through me when I felt the stiff­ness of a cock for the very first time. I knelt in front of him and BRI­TAIN’S most out­ra­geous writer is here to an­swer your sex prob­lems.

Vikki Dark caused a sen­sa­tion with her hit book

And, although the au­thor is keep­ing her iden­tity a strict se­cret, she’ll be an­swer­ing one reader let­ter in

each week. Email her now at vikki­dark@sun­daysport. co.uk or through face­book.com/vikki dark1 or Twit­ter =!/vikki­dark7 took him be­tween my lips. Then as I got used to the sen­sa­tion I be­gan to suck harder, draw­ing him deeper into my throat.

He whis­pered that he wanted to f*** me so I strad­dled him and low­ered my moist pussy on to his quiv­er­ing knob.

I f***ed him slowly at first, grad­u­ally in­creas­ing the pace un­til I could feel the pres­sure build­ing through his body.

He pushed me back on the bed and I moaned with plea­sure as he speared me with his mag­nif­i­cent mem­ber.


I felt the blood puls­ing through his rock hard cock as it filled ev­ery inch of me.

When he came, it was like noth­ing I had ever known.we shagged for the rest of the night and in the morn­ing he asked to see me again.

He said he wanted me to teach his girl­friend the de­lights of lesbo lov­ing by hav­ing us in a three­some.

I re­fused but the more I think about it now, the more the idea turns me on. How­ever, I wouldn’t want to hurt my own girl­friend. Was I right to say no?

DW, Birm­ing­ham Robyn says: THE fact that you are hav­ing doubts shows you are un­cer­tain about your sex­u­al­ity and your girl­friend.

You need to de­cide what you re­ally want.


Dear Vikki, I FEEL like my heart’s break­ing. The rea­son for this is that I seem to have lost an an­gel.

Her name was Amanda – she called her­self Mandy – and she was the girl of my dreams.

My big­gest fear is that I will never find find an­other like her, in fact I’m cer­tain I won’t.

You see, when I first saw her leant up against the bar in my lo­cal boozer my eyes stood out on stilts. I’m a builder and I’d had a hell of a day on site so I had dropped in to my favourite pub in for a brandy, and as much as I love brandy I was even hap­pier when she started re­mov­ing her clothes se­duc­tively un­til she was naked.

I can hon­estly say she had the sex­i­est body I had ever laid eyes on. I picked her up and had her up against the wall there and then.

She felt amaz­ing. I’m a fairly well-built fella, if you know what I mean, but she fit me like a vel­vet glove and I had the ride of my life.

The prob­lem is she hasn’t an­swered my calls. I thought she liked me. I don’t know what to do Vikki.

Matt, Es­sex. MY fi­ancée, who I have been go­ing out with for five years, has pestered me for months to get mar­ried on her birth­day – which was last week.

But I had to put her off be­cause I am hav­ing an af­fair with her mother.

The girl­friend is 22 and the mother is 41 and a right cracker.

She split with her hus­band just af­ter my girl­friend was born and she has been on her own ever since.

Her mum has male friends but she al­ways said she would never get tied down again, even though she was only 19 when she had her daugh­ter.

But she does like sex, and that’s fine by me.

We bonk in all sorts of dif­fer­ent po­si­tions and she par­tic­u­larly likes it up the arse and then fin­ish­ing me off by suck­ing me off.

My girl­friend only ever does it in the mis­sion­ary po­si­tion and doesn’t like to give me blow jobs — even though she loves it when I lick her out, to or­gasm.

Her horny mother wants me to marry her daugh­ter but she also wants me to carry on shag­ging her.

Do you think I can sus­tain such a re­la­tion­ship?

AP, South Yorks Robyn says: DEF­I­NITELY not. This is a recipe for dis­as­ter and you should dump one or the other be­fore your life ends in ruin. for a quick one pint or two of lager and a snack.

As I was de­cid­ing what flavour crisps to have, I saw this pe­tite red­head wear­ing a tiny denim skirt right up to her bum and show­ing a set of tanned pins that had me sali­vat­ing.

She looked at me and winked and be­fore you know it I was buy­ing her glasses of red wine one af­ter the other.

The chem­istry was through the roof and ev­ery time she took a sip of that red I watched her lovely pink lips around that glass and imag­ined what they’d be like on my cock.

I took her home and in­vited her It sounds like you’re a guy who en­joys the naugh­tier things in life.

My true ad­vice to you is to ap­pre­ci­ate Mandy for be­ing the sexy siren that she is and not the full time girl­friend that you want her to be. Some­times things do not fol­low the usual path that we ex­pect but that doesn’t make them any less spe­cial.

She’ll find you if she wants to take things fur­ther. Re­lax, and who knows what will ap­pear on the hori­zon around the next corner.

Love Vikki x

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