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THE Granny Tax, the Pasty Tax, a cash-for-ac­cess scan­dal, the fuel fi­asco , rub­bish eco­nomic fig­ures and be­ing beaten in a by-elec­tion by Ge­orge Gal­loway.

David Cameron’s got a lot on his plate at the mo­ment to turn all that around.

Well you’d think so, but in­stead the Prime Min­is­ter, the high­est politi­cian in the land, is both­er­ing him­self with the length of Bey­once’s skirt.

As if the coun­try’s not bogged down enough with rules and reg­u­la­tions, the leader of Great Bri­tain – the eighth largest econ­omy in the world – has de­cided to get in­volved in what is and isn’t sexy.

The man whose troops are dy­ing in an un­winnable war in Afghanistan has come out say­ing he wants ‘sexy’ pop videos to be given an 18 rat­ing if they show a bit too much flesh.

What next? Po­lice armed with rulers to mea­sure how far above the knee a woman’s skirt is?

Burkhas to be made com­pul­sory in case some­one finds a beau­ti­ful face arous­ing?

It is ut­ter non­sense, Cameron is not try­ing to ‘pro­tect our chil­dren’ as he claims, he is just pan­der­ing to a vo­cal mi­nor­ity who think women in any­thing other than dun­gerees and sen­si­ble shoes is a crime against God.

This is not the will of the ma­jor­ity. Any sen­si­ble per­son knows a pop star show­ing off a bit of cleav­age isn’t go­ing to bring about the end of the world.

Since the time of Elvis in the ’50s a bit of sauci­ness has gone hand in hand with pop mu­sic, and if the Tory leader re­ally be­lieves a flash of bum cheek on MTV is the root of all so­ci­ety’s prob­lems he is clearly de­luded.

Let’s hope the rest of the House of Com­mons give this move short shrift – be­fore we end up with the re­li­gious po­lice pa­trolling our streets.

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