‘I love real men who can throw me onto the bed’

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Hon­estly? I’m not re­ally into sex with women. I find women at­trac­tive and can ap­pre­ci­ate their bod­ies, but I like men. Well, I’d be ly­ing if I said no. When I was a bit younger I wanted to ex­per­i­ment sex­u­ally, so I had a bit of a fling with a girl­friend of mine. But it was pretty harm­less. There was a bit of touch­ing and some kiss­ing, but we didn’t do any­thing hard­core. I soon re­alised it wasn’t for me. Do you have to ask? Cock of course! I don’t think there’s any sub­sti­tute for a willy – not even a vi­bra­tor. I love real men, who smell mas­cu­line and can throw me onto the bed.

I also like it when they show their pro­tec­tive side and wrap their hands around me. Plus women don’t have big enough hands to fon­dle my boobs prop­erly! Of course. There’s lots of things you can do with them. I love watch­ing my bounc­ing boobs when I’m on top. It’s so hot. Pay me a load of com­pli­ments for a start! Be­ing turned on starts in the mind, so if he thinks I’m the sex­i­est woman in the world, I’ll start to be­lieve it. Then the fun can start. Well, fore­play is a must. I only skip it if there’s no time and I’m des­per­ate for sex. But I like to take my time. I like a man to go down on me first. Once he’s fin­ished me off down there, I’ll re­cip­ro­cate. Quite of­ten though he doesn’t have time to cli­max, be­cause blow jobs make me so in­cred­i­bly horny and all I want to do is jump on top. I think all women like to be on top. It’s a great place to be in con­trol and feels great. But I like oth­ers too. Doggy is al­ways fun when you want to be a bit dirt­ier. He can reach around and play with you, or even give your bot­tom a bit of a spank! All the time! When­ever I’m not with my fella, I’ve got to find some way to plea­sure my­self. I bring my Ram­pant Rab­bit with me, as well as a lit­tle fin­ger vi­bra­tor that you can slip into a hand­bag. I’m al­ways scared of cus­toms go­ing through my bags, though! It’s prob­a­bly a cliché, but I love the idea of bump­ing into a tall, dark hand­some stranger on a train and we’d have sex in the car­riage.

Trains in Europe are a bit dif­fer­ent to those in the UK, they still have sep­a­rate com­part­ments.

It would be one of those, not a Bri­tish-type one with 50 other peo­ple in it! I’d never do it though.

This is just some­thing I think about when I’m on my own. My boyfriend and I were in this lit­tle club once, there were quite a lot of peo­ple around but no­body seemed to be look­ing. I had this knee-length dress on, so I hitched it up a bit and sat on top of him. It was the horni­est thing I’ve ever done.

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