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THE global jus­tice move­ment is of­ten dis­missed as a bunch of leftie lib­er­als moan­ing about peo­ple mak­ing money.

But lurk­ing be­hind the bearded grad­u­ates with lofty ideals are gen­uine trou­ble­mak­ers with a thirst for pub­lic­ity at any cost.

They have hi­jacked a no­to­ri­ously loose or­gan­i­sa­tion for their own ends and are ca­pa­ble of caus­ing mas­sive dis­rup­tion.

Just think back to the ri­ots last year when thou­sands piled in to cre­ate havoc af­ter what be­gan as a fam­ily protest at the po­lice shoot­ing of a London man.


The global jus­tice move­ment claimed it was peo­ple protest­ing against cap­i­tal­ism and a lack of jobs when re­ally it was just yobs hav­ing the time of their lives.

The move­ment is char­ac­terised else­where by mas­sive cit­i­zen protests at most meet­ings of the G8, World Trade Or­gan­i­sa­tion, In­ter­na­tional Mon­e­tary Fund and World Bank for the last decade.

It came to the at­ten­tion of many when ac­tivists suc­cess­fully used protests to shut down the 1999 WTO meet­ing in Seat­tle ( above).

But there have also been protests at the 1988 World BANK/IMF meet­ings in Ger­many, “IMF ri­ots” in Chile and “water wars” in Bo­livia and South Africa.

The Olympics – with its bil­lion dol­lar spon­sors and huge cor­po­rate ties – is a per­fect tar­get.

Our source said: “This is a dan­ger­ous threat be­cause it is so dif­fi­cult to po­lice.

“There will be le­git­i­mate protests held dur­ing the Olympics, we are a democ­racy and we don’t want to turn into Syria.

“But these Anti-cap­i­tal­ists use le­gal protests as a way in be­fore caus­ing havoc, whilst they’re less likely to cause death and destruc­tion they cause fear and panic in mem­bers of the public.

“They stop peo­ple feel­ing safe which is the last thing we want.”

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