‘I do like a bit of role play, it’s fun to dress up as a French maid or a nurse’


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I like be­ing on top be­cause I’m in con­trol and can get ex­actly what I want. Some po­si­tions don’t do it for me, but rid­ing a guy is amaz­ing ev­ery time. I do like doggy-style, the guy can go in re­ally deep. It’s sexy too, as he can pull me into him by hold­ing my hips and guys al­ways love the view – es­pe­cially if I give them a cheeky wink while I look back! ad­ven­tur­ous guys with an imag­i­na­tion, so I let them take the lead.

Hav­ing said that I do like a bit of role play. It’s fun to dress up as a French maid or a nurse. My act­ing skills aren’t bril­liant, but hope­fully the guy won’t be mark­ing me on my per­for­mance! No, I’ve been re­ally lucky be­cause I’ve al­ways had fan­tas­tic lovers. It de­pends what you de­fine as weird – I don’t re­ally view any­thing as ‘nor­mal’ when it comes to sex.

Ev­ery­one has their own pref­er­ences. If I didn’t fancy some­thing I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not scared of try­ing new things. Yeah, I had sex on a beach once on hol­i­day. It was a warm evening and we found a se­cluded spot on a pri­vate beach and did it for about an hour. I don’t think any­one saw, but I guess it’s kind of nor­mal on hol­i­day, isn’t it? It did get a bit sandy though! Yeah, I’ve had a fumble with a girl­friend once but we didn’t go the whole way – just a bit of kiss­ing and touch­ing. It was re­ally good ac­tu­ally. We’d had a few drinks, one thing led to an­other and we ended up in bed. She was re­ally hot too and she’d done it be­fore, so it was good to have some­one show­ing me the ropes. I’d def­i­nitely do it again! I haven’t, but I’d con­sider it. A few friends have and they re­ally en­joyed it, so it must be nice. I’d choose a guy and a girl, that way you get the best of both worlds! Plus I know guys like watch­ing girls get it on, so he could watch us first be­fore join­ing in. It would have to be with the right peo­ple, though, and they’d have to be gor­geous! Bono came into my shop to buy a cake. I asked him, “What do you want on it?”

He said, “Ic­ing” I shouted, “So what?

I make f**king cakes! Now what do

you want on it?”

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