Midweek Sport - - AGONY SPECIAL -

Dear Vikki, I GEN­ER­ALLY pride my­self in be­ing or­gan­ised and prac­ti­cal with ev­ery area of my life – I’m at the of­fice when I’m meant to be, I go to the gym four morn­ings a week and I do all the jobs a good hus­band is sup­posed to do.

I can also say that we haven’t had any prob­lems in the be­d­room and I am as much in love with her as the day we were mar­ried. But my prob­lem started a few weeks ago when I overheard talk from some of the boys in the of­fice about a no­to­ri­ous lo­cal pub.

And my ears pricked up when I heard them men­tion the fully nude strip­pers – the sort who passed the pot round for cash in re­turn for raunch­ing up their acts!

One night af­ter a stress­ful day at work I rang the wife and made up some fee­ble ex­cuse as to why I’d be late, then headed there. It was ev­ery­thing I thought it would be – dark, dingy and very naughty. Hon­estly Vikki, the girls do the most X-rated things.

Last week I had some 30-year-old Kat Slater looka­like rub­bing her naked bum all over my lap. This sounds all great but the prob­lem is I’m there most days now and the mis­sus knows some­thing’s up? Shall I spill the beans? Dear Greg, TRUST me on this, your wife will not ap­pre­ci­ate know­ing that her hubby is lov­ing to spend all his spare time sali­vat­ing over the naugh­tier type of strip­pers.

Be strong with your­self and limit it.

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