‘I love a bit of al fresco sex – as long as it’s not cold!’ SHOW TELL


The SIZ­ZLING stunnas are both horny as hell and far from shy when it comes to talk­ing about sex.

But Emma, a 32E babe from Derby, and Here­ford honey Holly, who has a fan­tas­tic 32DD pair, don’t al­ways see eye-to-eye when it comes to what makes a top bonk.

Holly, 21, is quite par­tial to a bit of bum fun while Emma, 19, says her back door is firmly closed, but both girls are des­per­ate for a three­some!

They opened up ex­clu­sively to about ev­ery­thing from blow jobs to sex tapes – and nei­ther held back…

In a grave­yard! I was just re­ally drunk af­ter a night out and feel­ing horny so my boyfriend and I went into this grave­yard.

Mine prob­a­bly sounds a bit bor­ing af­ter that, but it was on a plane to New York. We just sneak­ily slipped into the toi­let for a quickie be­fore any­one no­ticed.

I al­ways have amaz­ing sex. If I’m in­volved, I’m go­ing to make sure it’s mind-blow­ing!

There are a few that stick in the mem­ory, but my best time was on hol­i­day with my ex-boyfriend in Gran Ca­naria.

We did it in the swim­ming pool and the fact that we could have been caught made it more ex­cit­ing!

Ooh, noth­ing feels bet­ter than doggy-style be­cause it helps the guy go as deep as pos­si­ble.

I have to agree with Holly, I love doggy-style for the ex­act same rea­son.

But I’m quite flex­i­ble so I also love wrap­ping my legs around the guy’s neck and help­ing him along.

No I haven’t ac­tu­ally. I would give it a go, but it would have to be with an­other girl. Two guys would be a bit too rough for me.

So we’re both three­some vir­gins then!

I do want to try one as soon as pos­si­ble but, like Holly, it would have to be with an­other girl. I’m still look­ing for the right peo­ple to join in the fun!









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