Beth and Kate Winslet

Natasha Ap­ple­ton Pene­lope and Mon­ica Cruz


ALL Saints babes Ni­cole and Natasha were more Pure Ph­woars than Pure Shores when they bared their pert boobs!

Ni­cole, 37, who’s now mar­ried to pop wild­boy Liam Gal­lagher, whipped off her top in the 2000 film crime thriller where she played Mandy Chase.

Her sis­ter Natalie, 39, also showed of her perky pair in the same flick. LATINO lovelies Pene­lope and Mon­ica Cruz have grav­ity-de­fy­ing boobs in com­mon, that’s clear!

Fash­ion de­signer and model Mon­ica, 34, showed her perky pair as she sun­bathed top­less on the beach on hol­i­day in Spain.

Older sis Pene­lope, 38, has dis­robed to re­veal her boobs in a string of films, in­clud­ing in this love scene ( from the 1997 flick CURVY Kate Winslet, 36, is al­ways happy to whip out her boobs for her art, as this scene ( of her do­ing a naked streak in the 1999 flick

shows. She says that be­cause she feels she hasn’t got per­fect breasts but still whips them out she hopes to help other women feel happy about their bod­ies.

Her younger sis­ter Beth, 34, fol­lows in her foot­steps and took off her top in

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