Chop­per’s out for snake hunt



A PO­LICE he­li­copter was called in to join the search for an es­caped snake.

The rep­tile dis­ap­peared up a drain­pipe as res­i­dents in Ply­mouth, Devon, tried to cap­ture it.

The 4ft rep­tile – dubbed “Hiss­ing Sid” by lo­cals – was spot­ted slith­er­ing along a pave­ment be­fore three brave house­hold­ers tried to trap him.

But the ex­otic brown and white beast forced his way out and es­caped up the drain­pipe.

The po­lice chop­per di­verted from an­other call-out and used its ther­mal imag­ing gear to try to track down the slip­pery fugi­tive.

Bernard Brother­ton, 53, who was one of those who tried to cap­ture the snake, said: “We got it about three times but it was too pow­er­ful.

“It was get­ting an­gry so we backed off and it de­cided to pop up the drain­pipe.” NOT even the prospect of cold hard cash could con­vince Czech babe Veronika, 29, to give up sex.

The 34G Czech babe, 29, from Ed­in­burgh said: “My clos­est friends know how much I love sex – I need it at least twice a day! If I don’t at least mas­tur­bate I get all antsy.

“So a few years ago, one of my best girl­friends bet a tenner that I couldn’t last a month with­out it. I love a chal­lenge, so I shook on it.

“Ev­ery time I saw a fit guy or felt my­self get­ting horny, I just ran for a cold shower – and it seemed to work all right for the first two weeks.

“But then I got a lit­tle bit tipsy when we went club­bing and I ended up shag­ging a stranger. I didn’t mind pay­ing my girl­friend – it was to­tally worth it!” DISHY Emma K says she once gave up sex for Lent – but didn’t last the dis­tance.

The 19-year-old, 32E, Derby babe said: “Be­ing a good Chris­tian girl, I put the ban in place and me and my fella tried our best to sur­vive for six weeks with­out shag­ging.

“But I’m a sex ad­dict, so what hope did I have? Af­ter nearly four weeks, the wait proved too much for us both and I made him give in. I just couldn’t do it!

“When I fi­nally got back in the sad­dle, I felt like a vir­gin again! The sex was so much more in­tense and un­be­liev­ably plea­sur­able! I was a very frus­trated and ex­cited girl!

“How­ever, I won’t be go­ing that long with­out sex again be­cause my sex­ual needs have to be ful­filled, and that wait was un­bear­able!”

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