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Dear Vikki,

I HAVE just turned 40, our only child has left home for the first time and af­ter twenty years of mar­riage, I thought my sex life with the mis­sus was well and truly in a rut.

So I sug­gested to the wife that we jet away some­where nice, which she agreed to – but in my mind I thought it might put a spark back into our re­la­tion­ship.

We had a very re­lax­ing hol­i­day, sun­bathing dur­ing the day and get­ting dressed up and head­ing out to nice restau­rants and night­clubs in the evenings.

My wife looked gor­geous and it made me see her in a fresh light again – par­tic­u­larly when she wore a white miniskirt and a lit­tle black hal­ter­neck top one night, with her hair scraped up to help show off her amaz­ing fig­ure.

But I wasn’t the only one who no­ticed her – some of the lo­cals who worked be­hind our favourite bar kept lav­ish­ing the wife with free drinks and com­pli­ments.

One bloke even said that I must have a big cock or some­thing, to have pulled such a tasty bird!


Aside from the rude com­ment, I started feel­ing good about our re­la­tion­ship again and I wanted to spend some qual­ity time mak­ing lots of love to her sexy body.

In bed that night I got my head be­tween her legs and re­ally en­joyed my­self and she did too by the way she was howl­ing the place down.

She started talk­ing dirty to me say­ing how much she wanted to be used and abused – which was strange as I had never heard her say any­thing re­motely rude like that be­fore.

But it re­ally turned me on and the pair of us started get­ting re­ally heated up, rub­bing our­selves off against each other while I bit and nib­ble on her stiff nip­ples.

Dear Anon,


What hap­pened next was not was I was ex­pect­ing – my beau­ti­ful wife begged me to slip a fin­ger into her bum­hole while I f***ed her from be­hind.

She said she wanted me to slap her arse cheeks hard un­til they smarted red with spank­ing.

I got re­ally ex­cited by all this dom­i­na­tion of my wife and pulled her round to make her suck my cock hard and deep in her throat by forc­ing her head onto it.

All the while she squat­ted on the floor naked, with her legs spread wide apart as she plea­sured her­self fran­ti­cally, cli­max­ing over and over.

Well, this brought me to a shud­der­ing or­gasm too and I stood over her, spray­ing my spunk into her hair and across her sweaty boobs.

So our sex life is back on track now and we have even in­dulged in a bit of wa­ter­sports since we got home from the trip.

Is this nor­mal be­hav­iour for a cou­ple in their 40s?


Dear Vikki,

I HAVE started see­ing a guy who is quite a bit older than me.

Ev­ery­thing was great for the first three weeks and we got on like a house on fire.

He took me to all the coolest places that cost the earth and I even went over to the South of France for a week­end on the boat.

It was only when I slept with him that ev­ery­thing seemed to change.

The night we had sex was when we got back to the UK from France. We were flirt­ing out­ra­geously and get­ting quite horny around each other so it was a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion.

The sex was good and he was con­sid­er­ate and made me cli­max through pen­e­tra­tion.

It was af­ter that though, that he started do­ing my head in. The guy doesn’t stop talk­ing about shag­ging, drop­ping filthy in­nu­en­dos and grop­ing me – I some­times feel like a piece of meat.

I have shagged him a few times since – just to ap­pease him and so I can still get gor­geous gifts and go to nice places.

But his be­hav­iour is start­ing to piss me off.

What should I do?

Dear Karen,

HAVE a good chat with him about his be­hav­iour and how it makes you feel.

Tell him that you’re a nat­u­rally sexy woman but his ac­tions are putting you off and see what hap­pens. If he doesn’t change I would give him the red card.

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