Lob­ster seller gets shot shrift

Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY AUG 1 -

A MAN shot dead a sales­man who tried to sell him some LOB­STERS.

The vic­tim, Ni­cholas Rainey, 30, was try­ing to flog frozen seafood when he knocked on the door of 52-year-old Ken­neth Bai­ley Roop (

But in­stead of sim­ply say­ing no thanks, he went men­tal and blasted him with a 9mm Glock.

Roop claimed that he was only pro­tect­ing him­self from a tres­passer, but he now faces murder charges.

Neigh­bour Gene Sny­der heard the gun­shots and went to help the vic­tim, who was on the ground in front of the home in Cape Co­ral, Florida.

Sny­der says he heard some­one in the garage say that he would “kill ev­ery­body or shoot ev­ery­body.”

Po­lice said: “This is an ex­treme re­ac­tion to a door to door sales­man.”

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