SHE IS AW­FUL! MTV Ge­ordie babe’s shock fol­low-through con­fes­sion


CLASSY Ge­ordie Shore babe Char­lotte Crosby stunned fans by poo­ing her pants then show­ing them to her house­mates.

She stood in the bed­room while pal So­phie Kasaei got dressed and an­nounced she’d have to throw her un­der­crack­ers in the bin af­ter her ‘ac­ci­dent’.

Peer­ing down her pants at the mess, Char­lotte said: “I ac­tu­ally sh*t me­self full on. Me knick­ers are in the bin. Can you be­lieve it!”

And she told fans how she’d done a poo in front of Gaz Bea­dle, who she’s been bonk­ing throughout the se­ries – the third of which, Chaos in Cancun, is on Tuesdays on MTV. Char­lotte, 21, killed any chance of pas­sion when was struck down with a stomach bug and took Gary, 23, to the loo with her. She said after­wards: “Ah, I love you G a z . Re­mem­ber when you came to the loo with me when I had a dodgy stomach?”


And speak­ing about her trots, she cack­led: “I’ve got di­a­hor­rea com­ing out of my bum­hole like quick­sand.”

The pair also had a drink­ing game where they dis­cussed the best and worst thing about each other.

Char­lotte said of Gary: “Your best point is your big cock. You’re worst point is that you didn’t know how to use it be­fore you met me!”

One viewer said: “British TV, eh? Best in the world. John Lo­gie Baird must be spin­ning in his grave.”

YOU GOTTA BE SKID­DING ME: Char­lotte’s a lit­tle soiler!

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