Pun­dits give us hoarse, rather than horse

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THE BBC’s cov­er­age of the Olympics – I mean the proper Olympics, like run­ning quickly and chuck­ing stuff, not mak­ing horses dance – was summed up by Gabby Lo­gan (right).

On Satur­day she said: “I’m not sure I’ve ever heard an Olympic sta­dium give any­one a re­cep­tion like they gave Jes­sica En­nis tonight”. Re­ally, Gabby? You don’t think Carl Lewis didn’t get quite a de­cent roar in Los Angeles? Did Michael John­son get a smat­ter­ing of po­lite ap­plause in At­lanta? What about Cathy Free­man in Sydney?

The BBC should be neu­tral, but the pun­dits are roar­ing them­selves hoarse for Team GB.

I don’t blame them. I would too, and so would you. The dif­fer­ence is that you and I would pay for our tick­ets. These guys have a job to do.

It used to be charm­ing when com­men­ta­tors let the mask slip, like Harry Car­pen­ter’s “Get in there Frank!” or Mur­ray Walker’s “lump in my throat”.

But this new lot are nowhere near as classy. LIKE Cor­rie, EastEn­ders has also failed to notice the Olympics since that live torch episode, un­less you count Ray’s Char­i­ots of Fire ring­tone (which I don’t).

No, don’t trou­ble your­self guys. It’s not like the world’s great­est sport­ing event is tak­ing place HALF A MILE DOWN THE ROAD.

And, it’s not like they’re both pro­duced by the same peo­ple is it!

They did not even watch it on telly, the un­grate­ful swines.

When Ian “Beardy” Beale (above) turned up from his spell in the wilder­ness (or “Panto in Lu­ton”, as it is also known), Shirley sat him in front of an old re­peat of the Hairy Bik­ers.

Like the poor guy hasn’t suf­fered enough. Press the red but­ton, woman! The hand­ball quar­ter fi­nals start in five min­utes.

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