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Dear Robyn,

I’M 19 and a hair­dresser work­ing in a sa­lon that has a good mix of staff and clients, young and old.

I’ve al­ways found I get on well with older women as they like to mother me or treat me like one of their teenage sons.

It’s great for tips and it’s good to have an in­tel­li­gent con­ver­sa­tion with most of these women.

Un­til now I’ve al­ways dated girls of my own age but a few weeks ago I went for a drink at a nearby pub af­ter work with the rest of the staff.

At the bar some loud­mouths started on at me be­cause of my cloth­ing and hair­style – call­ing me gay.


I was just about to launch my­self at the ring­leader when this woman stepped in and told them straight out that she was my girl­friend.

She told them to piss off, grabbed me by the arm and sat me down with my drink.

I re­alised that my “saviour” was a blonde whose hair I’d cut and streaked that week.

She of­fered me a lift home and I thought I’d try my luck and asked her in for a cof­fee. I wanted to shag her so much.

We kissed as soon as she got through the front door and I slipped an ex­ploratory hand un­der her skirt, touch­ing her soft flesh at the top of her stock­ings.

I pushed her panties to one side and felt her moist­en­ing up nicely.

As I ex­plored her pussy with my fin­gers, she ripped open my shirt and started nuz­zling on my nip­ples.

Then she low­ered her head, unzipped my trousers and took my rag­ing hard-on ten­derly be­tween her lips, suck­ing slowly.

I could soon feel the pres­sure build­ing up so I pulled her to her feet and led her to the bed­room.

We un­dressed and I licked her breasts and nip­ples, which seemed to drive her wild.

For her age she was in fan­tas­tic shape and I could hardly con­tain my­self as she strad­dled me, low­er­ing her drip­ping pussy onto my cock.

She rode me slowly and ex­pertly and I was in a trance-like state as she made sure we came at the same time in a shat­ter­ing or­gasm.

She had not fin­ished there and mas­saged me to hard­ness again be­fore de­mand­ing that I “ram it up” her again.

We’ve been to­gether ever since and I want to in­tro­duce her to my mum. The snag is my mother is 39, the same age as my “girl”, who is a granny. How should I han­dle it?

Robyn says,

YOUR mother will be shocked at first but, if you re­ally want this woman, she will un­der­stand and wish you all the best. I’M a 42-year-old blonde with 36DD boobs and a shaved pussy.

I love go­ing nude and of­ten go for long walks in the coun­try­side with just a coat that I whip off as soon as I’m out in the wild.

Then I’ll sit on the grass and let it tickle my fanny un­til I’m four fin­gers deep bring­ing my­self off.

Re­cently a fe­male pal in­vited me to a na­tur­ist camp for a week.

When we got there I was sur­prised at the num­ber of huge cocks on show.

One evening I went to a bar­be­cue and got chat­ting to this fella with a dong the size of a don­key.

He led me to some bushes and, with­out say­ing a word, he pulled apart my legs and sank in his cock.

I or­gasmed a good seven or eight times be­fore he spunked all over my arse.

Un­for­tu­nately his wife saw the whole thing and I got booted out of the camp.

Do you think I was to blame for this or should I try to get my money back from the camp man­age­ment?

Robyn says,

IT sounds like you got your de­posit back al­ready! TELL her not to swal­low. Or try ath­letic con­ven­tional nookie in­stead – that can shed the pounds! IT’S up to your wife what she wears. I’d give you the boot if I was her. YOU don’t say how old this fella is, but he sounds a like a catch so stick with it.

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