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5. WHAT is the name of 72-year-old comedian John Cleese’s wife? 7. AN­GELINA Jolie Brad Pitt and An­gelina Jolie are to wed. On the set of which film did their ro­mance first blos­som? 8. NEW Bar­clays boss Sir David Walker has an­nounced we could soon see the end of what? 9. WHICH beauty has re­vealed she se­cretly wan­ders around Lon­don to pick up her style tips? a) She was in the USA’s eques­trian team back-up b) She came 4th in the gym­nas­tics in LA 1984 c) She’s dat­ing Danny Boyle d) She was mar­ried to the IOC boss 11. WHAT name has been de­clared as cur­rently the most pop­u­lar for girls?

d) Lat­vian

a) Jen­nifer Wade b) Alyce Eichel­berger c) Con­nie Booth ( d) Bar­bara Tren­tham a) Roald Dahl b) J R R Tolkein c) C S Lewis d) Sid Wad­dell a) b) c) d)

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