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Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY AUGUST 23 -

Who'd have thought that I'd ever be a model in the Sport! And not just bet­ting my tits out ei­ther...I think they'll have to crop my pho­tos or put a star over my mary!

The photo ses­sion was re­ally good though and what hap­pened af­ter on that dirty bug­ger's sofa was even bet­ter!

When he sug­gested we have a jump I thought, well, why not, af­ter all, he's seen all of me and watched me us­ing a vi­bra­tor on my­self so why not. He just pulled his trackie bot­toms down and took his specs off and started eat­ing me out. He's a dirty get, that Mark Tate.

Any­way, I'm Joyce and I love the c***, me. My old man walked out five years ago, the silly sod, and since then I've been hav­ing the time of my life and have re­ally learned what a c*** is for!

The guys who call me are usu­ally younger than me which is a re­ally turn-on. I f***ing love c***, me

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