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DEADLY snakes that can kill a man with just ONE bite could soon be breed­ing in the UK – thanks to sloppy In­dian work­ers.

Ex­perts say the fact that two saw-scaled VIPERS have been found here within a week means we’re sit­ting on a timebomb.

Grand­mother Kath Forster spot­ted one curled be­neath a box of In­dian gar­den slates on her drive­way in Dron­field, Der­byshire.

She calmly picked it up with ice cube tongs and trapped it in a box of Cel­e­bra­tions choco­lates – un­aware of the big risk she had taken.

Mrs Forster, 57, said: “Its tongue was out but I didn’t re­ally look at it. We put the lid on the box but the box started mov­ing. I wasn’t scared.”

But ex­perts warn it is only a mat­ter of time be­fore some­one is badly injured or KILLED be­cause the au­thor­i­ties in In­dia are not check­ing their ship­ments.

Rep­tile han­dler John Bent, who col­lected the viper, said: “A saw-scaled viper is like a loaded gun. We put it in a tank and it was strik­ing the glass to get at me.”

An­other viper was found last week at Til­bury Docks in Es­sex on a ship con­tainer that ar­rived from In­dia.

Mr Bent added: “This is a timebomb. They are get­ting through and if they colonise here we’re in deep trou­ble.”

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