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Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY SEPT 20 -

"Black n beau­ti­ful!" That's me guys! "Wild slut! F***s like a beast!" Have you been read­ing my di­ary?! LOL!

The wild f*** thing came as a bit of a sur­prise to me ac­tu­ally. I was with this guy and we had been sleep­ing to­gether for about a month when he said he had to call it off be­cause I was too much for him! WHAAATTT??? I asked him to ex­plain and he said that I fright­ened him dur­ing sex be­cause I was so noisy and rough and didn't seem to care about any­thing but my own plea­sure!

Well, blokes have been do­ing that for mil­lions of years, haven't they?

So, not I am look­ing for a guy who can keep up with me and doesn't mind a woman who takes what she needs, when she needs it. Which is of­ten!

Jok­ing aside, it ac­tu­ally made me a bit para­noid about my sex­u­al­ity. There's noth­ing wrong with me is there, peo­ple?

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