Pair, 70, re­veal kinky sex life on This Morn­ing


They re­called their ex­pe­ri­ences of a com­bined 100 years on the game to This Morn­ing hosts Phil and Holly Wil­loughby, 31.

And their con­fes­sions were so SHOCK­ING they left 50-year-old Phil prac­ti­cally speech­less!

The Fokken sis­ters re­vealed they have slept with more than 355,000 SIL­VER fox Phillip Schofield turned Fifty Shades of RED when he met the world’s old­est twin hook­ers!

Louise and Mar­tine Fokken, both 70, landed on Phil’s sofa to re­veal their work as Am­s­ter­dam’s Red Light Dis­trict’s long-serv­ing pros­ti­tutes. men be­tween them and en­joyed ev­ery minute of their ca­reers.

It all be­gan when Louise started work­ing in a brothel in Am­s­ter­dam, Hol­land – where pros­ti­tu­tion is le­gal – at the ten­der age of 21.

Her twin sis­ter Mar­tine later joined her when, sick of her clean­ing job, she took the plunge – with guid­ance from her ex­pe­ri­enced si­b­ling.


Louise re­tired at the age of 67 when she de­vel­oped arthri­tis, which she said meant she “couldn’t get one leg over the other”.

But Mar­tine still ser­vices around 10 men a day – coax­ing them in, while sat in her win­dow and dressed as a DOM­I­NA­TRIX.

She has no plans to re­tire soon and says she loves her job pleas­ing men.

Shocked Phil added: “You must have very strong hip joints!” FEEL­ING a bit peaky? Well, me in pinky should make you feel perky!

I’ve got a lot of time for nurses. They work hard and have to cope with all sorts of stress and trauma which most of us would rather not even think about.

Mind you, I can’t help think­ing that if they all dressed up like this and showed off a crack­ing pair at pa­tients, re­cov­ery rates would dou­ble in not time.

But it might be more trou­ble than it’s worth for nurses... who’d have to spend all their time chang­ing the sheets after­wards!

STRONG JOINTS: The Fokken girls meet Phil


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