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Dear An­nie, I’M a di­vorced guy in my 30s and I’ve been see­ing a mar­ried wo­man for a cou­ple of years.

We met when she was work­ing at a bank and I must have looked a right pil­lock stum­bling over my words and star­ing at her tits.

Luck­ily she saw the funny side and we hit it off straight away. I couldn’t be­lieve it when I asked her out for a date and she ac­cepted.

She was a real stunna. I didn’t know she was mar­ried at the time and, to be hon­est, it wouldn’t have mat­tered be­cause I was des­per­ate to get into her knick­ers.

It wasn’t long be­fore I did just that. On our first date I took her back to my place and we screwed all night.


She was a right lit­tle goer who loved it up all of her holes — es­pe­cially her arse.

The sex was fan­tas­tic and I came four times, and she had three or­gasms, on that first date.

Each time we dated af­ter that we had bet­ter sex. And then one night af­ter I’d given her one up the rusty bul­let hole she told me to lie on my back with my arms and legs out­stretched.

Then, to my amaze­ment, she got her hand­bag and took out four pairs of hand­cuffs, which she fas­tened to each wrist and an­kle and then at­tached the other ends to the top and bot­tom of the bed. Once I was teth­ered, she set to work on my man­hood, suck­ing and lick­ing the tip and then trac­ing her tongue down the shaft to my balls and back up again.

Then she opened her mouth wide and took my bobby’s hel­met to the back of her throat.

I’m not kid­ding when I tell you that I thought my nuts were go­ing to ex­plode as I was so turned on.

But she kept on teas­ing me with her tongue and lips be­fore squat­ting over me and guid­ing my pecker into her love­tun­nel un­til I was buried deep in­side her.

She sat there a while tick­ling my sack with her fin­gers and us­ing her vagina mus­cles to squeeze my knob.

Then she be­gan to gen­tly rise up and down, grad­u­ally build­ing up the speed, and it was bloody fan­tas­tic.

I shot my load, and af­ter a while, I told her to un­cuff me so I could have a drink and a smoke — but she re­fused. In fact, she kept me tied up for 12 HOURS.

You prob­a­bly think I’m a bit of a wimp but it was scary and I haven’t seen her since, though she rings me up con­stantly. What should I do? RS, East Sus­sex

An­nie says: TURN the ta­bles on her and cuff her to the bed, then see how she likes it. I’VE been mar­ried for 15 years and I’m be­gin­ning to won­der if my mis­sus is a two-tim­ing nympho.

We’ve al­ways had a great sex life and she’s never turned me down when I’ve asked for a shag.

In­deed, some nights I’ve had to fight her off, but I just put it down to her hav­ing a higher sex drive than me.

A cou­ple of weeks ago, I was in a city cen­tre pub with some work­mates when a guy came up and started talk­ing to one of them.

It seemed that they were old mates and hadn’t seen each other for a few years.

When my pal asked his mate if he was mar­ried he replied: “No, but I’m f***ing a proper nympho reg­u­larly.”

He pulled out a photo of the wo­man. It was a poor snap but I could see enough to sus­pect the wo­man laid on a bed with her legs spread was MY WIFE! I’ve be­gun to sus­pect she’s out shag­ging when she says she’s “play­ing bingo” with her mother.

What should I do? An­nie says: IF it was such a poor snap and you’d had a few drinks, the ev­i­dence is a bit flimsy. Con­cen­trate on shag­ging her a bit harder and more of­ten. Dear An­nie, I’M 18 and have a very em­bar­rass­ing prob­lem. You see I only have a small cock. I am still a vir­gin be­cause when­ever I’ve had the chance to whip out my dick for a girl she’s laughed at it.

It’s ac­tu­ally five-and-ahalf inches long and I get de­pressed at not get­ting nookie.

What should I do?

HW, Isle of Man An­nie says: STOP wor­ry­ing about it. You are av­er­a­ge­sized and still grow­ing un­til you’re 21. Any girl who laughs at you isn’t worth bother­ing with any­way.

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