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NO one likes pay­ing tax.

But no one wants to close schools or sack nurses, ei­ther.

Pay­ing up is a nec­es­sary evil – a burden shoul­dered by most of us for the ben­e­fit of all.

But when you winced af­ter fill­ing up your car this morn­ing, did you imag­ine for a mo­ment that your hard-earned would be go­ing to pay for a wa­ter park in Mar­rakesh? Nope. Nor did we. The Gov­ern­ment keeps bang­ing on about how des­per­ately skint we all are.

Yet hard-up Bri­tain, be­cause of its mem­ber­ship of the Euro­pean Union, still has to pay a whop­ping £1.6bil­lion a YEAR into the bloated Brussels “in­ter­na­tional aid” pot.

And de­spite be­ing the peo­ple re­luc­tantly pro­vid­ing that pile of money, we Brits have al­most NO say in how it is spent.

Which is why a stag­ger­ing £20mil­lion quid of it was handed over to Ice­land – not ex­actly a third-world coun­try – to help pro­mote tourism.

And why a fur­ther £800,000 was fun­nelled to Morocco – a coun­try con­sid­ered self-suf­fi­cient enough that we stopped in­de­pen­dently send­ing aid there a DECADE ago – so a com­mer­cial en­ter­prise could build a wa­ter park.

This is NOT what the peo­ple of Bri­tain were sign­ing up for when they voted in the ref­er­en­dum back in 70s.

What we DID join up for was a trad­ing part­ner­ship – a chance for Euro­pean busi­nesses to pros­per across the bor­ders.

At NO stage has the British peo­ple ever agreed to fund wa­ter parks in Morocco or travel brochures for Reyk­javik.

We are the vic­tim of a huge con-trick. The Euro­pean “Union” has proved to be noth­ing more than an out­ra­geously swollen bu­reau­cratic night­mare that serves no one but its own self in­ter­ests.

And in­stead of giv­ing us the means to es­cape the night­mare, suc­ces­sive British gov­ern­ments have col­luded with Europe and de­nied us our demo­cratic right.

We need an­other ref­er­en­dum – a right to vote on the state of the Union as it is now, which is clearly not what we signed up for.

Be­cause no one in their right mind would say yes to the cor­rupt state of the EU mon­ster.

No one would say yes to Brussels spend­ing YOUR money on non­sense projects like wa­ter­parks while peo­ple in this coun­try can barely scrape enough money to­gether to sur­vive.

But, as it stands, the face­less Eu­ro­crats that you have never heard of, never voted for, yet pay a for­tune to in wages, say YOUR cash is bet­ter off in Ice­land or Morocco or God only knows where else.

We are long past the time for mod­ern Bri­tain to have a vote on whether we want to keep haem­or­rhag­ing bil­lions on this money-bleed­ing car­tel.

It’s no good David Cameron hint­ing that we may have a ref­er­en­dum on our mem­ber­ship AF­TER the next elec­tion.

Bri­tain needs an EU ref­er­en­dum NOW.

SPLASH­ING OUT: Our money is be­ing washed away pay­ing for for­eign wa­ter parks like this

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