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Dear Ste­vie,

WE’RE two horny students who love to give guys a good time.

I’m 5ft 2in, blonde with enor­mous 34GG breasts and a bare pussy.

My pal is a cute brunette with smaller tits but a lovely trim fig­ure, a great arse and a big hairy bush.

Some­times, when we can’t be both­ered to pull a fella, we work our magic on each other – us­ing all man­ner of sex toys.

We travel to col­lege by train and our jour­neys can get quite naughty. We like to sit op­po­site a fit-look­ing bloke and flash our fan­nies at him in our short skirts.


The other month we were do­ing this and the guy gave us a cheeky wink and sug­gested we go to the loos with him.

It was a tight squeeze but he was soon suck­ing on my tits while he screwed my pal over the sink.

Then I got down on my knees and gave him a gob­ble un­til he was hard again, and then sat on his cock and rode him.

This went on for quite a few weeks and we got more and more dar­ing.

Some­times when there was no­body in our car­riage we just started do­ing it on the seats.

But we were even­tu­ally caught by a guard. It was most em­bar­rass­ing be­cause the guy was lick­ing my clit at the time and my pal was treat­ing his bum­hole with a small vi­bro. We all got banned from the train and now me and my pal travel by bus.

Last week when we were on our way home we were both quite pissed and there was no­body else in the top deck.

We de­cided to give the driver a treat and sat on the front seat up­stairs by his mir­ror.

I hitched up my skirt and my pal got to work on my fanny with her tongue and fin­gers.

She got a vi­bra­tor out of her bag and had just started plung­ing it in and out of me when there was a huge bang.

The driver had been so dis­tracted that he’d nar­rowly missed crash­ing into a car.

When we went down­stairs he was sat in his seat white as a sheet with a big hard-on stick­ing out of his trousers.

He was so an­gry that he threw us off the bus and we had to hitch it for the last cou­ple of miles.

We soon got a lift from this hunky guy and when we told him what had hap­pened he sug­gested pulling into a layby.

As he did so my pal spread my thighs on the back seat and went to work fin­ish­ing me off.

The guy soon joined in and man­aged to sat­isfy us both be­fore he dropped us off at home – what a gent! Now he picks us up ev­ery day and drives us home like a taxi ser­vice.

I know we’re tak­ing ad­van­tage of him but he does have a huge dick. Are we in the wrong?

GH & TS, Ed­in­burgh

Ste­vie says:

ABOUT three weeks ago I was train­ing a new staff mem­ber at the store where I work and it was hot in the back of the shop.

When I went to pull off my sweater I ac­ci­den­tally lifted my blouse and the lad got a good eye­ful of my breasts.

I blushed and apol­o­gised but he said he didn’t mind as they were the nicest pair he’d seen in a long time.

I was flat­tered and at the end of the train­ing ses­sion he asked if I’d like to go for a drink.

I was a bit con­cerned as I was due home, so I rang my hubby who said it was fine for me to come home a bit later if work was in­volved.

Me and the lad – who was about seven years younger than me – had a cou­ple at a pub nearby but as we left the shop alarm was go­ing off.

I said I would go in and he of­fered to come with me.


Once the alarm was off he put his arm around me and pulled me to­wards him, kiss­ing me full on the lips.

It was such a thrill I in­stinc­tively reached for his cock, pulled it out and started to suck on it.

I don’t know what came over me but I let him un­hook my bra and fon­dle my breasts be­fore he fin­gered me to an or­gasm in the store­room.

I have been des­per­ate for an­other ses­sion with this lusty fella but he’s shown no in­ter­est.

What should I do?

Ste­vie says:

FG, Derby

NOT if you’re all happy with the ar­range­ment. KEEP clear of him. It will only lead

to heartache.

IN­VITE him round for a fish sup­per. RE­STRICT your­self to birth­days un­less your wife sug­gests it again.

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