Fred the Rat

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“AT the end of day Fred was a rat,” said con­tem­po­rary Paul Burly.

“Around that time I was sent to jail and while I was inside, Fred kind of took over a night­club of mine and stripped all the equip­ment from it – the kitchen, the big steel ovens and work sur­faces, the fridge etc.

“When I got out, I went to see him and ‘took’ £27,000 back off him, as com­pen­sa­tion. I just walked into his place and took how­ever much was there, in cash.

“Fred couldn’t see what he had done wrong. He couldn’t fight me, ei­ther, so there was noth­ing he could do. But at the same time, he wasn’t that both­ered. £27,000 was a lot of money back then, but it wasn’t a lot of money to him.”

On other hand, Fred was shrewd and very much a for­ward-look­ing vil­lain.

On the de­mand side, Fred wanted to take drugs out of the cult scene and into the main­stream mar­ket – the hous­ing es­tates and new towns that make up Mersey­side’s bomb-cratered post-war to­pog­ra­phy.

And un­like many of his con­tem­po­raries, and drug lords that would fol­low him, Fred was not afraid of get­ting his hands dirty.

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