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foot­ballers – should have their Tweets vet­ted be­fore they’re posted. They should au­to­mat­i­cally be sent to a cen­tral place where they can be ap­proved be­fore they reach the pub­lic do­main.

If that had hap­pened then Ash­ley Cole could have saved him­self a lot of trou­ble...and money. RE­ALLY ex­cit­ing news folks – I am up to nearly 36,000 fol­low­ers on Twit­ter.

For any­one who doesn’t fol­low me yet, you don’t know what you’re miss­ing!

I am al­ways putting naughty pic­tures on there – this week I put one of me pulling my knick­ers up my bum and ev­ery­one loved it.

I love to shock – I of­ten Tweet naughty pic­tures early in the morn­ing to giveev­ery­one a

treat first thing in the day.

Hope­fully I give a lot of lads a bit of morn­ing glory!

I know a lot of peo­ple have prob­lems with trolls on Twit­ter but I have learnt not to let them bother me now.

If any­one has a go at me for my opin­ions then I just tell it to them straight – I’ll say what I want!

If some­one wants to be rude to me then I’ll be rude back.

I am not go­ing to start edit­ing what I say just in case I might of­fend some­one! THE whole Jimmy Sav­ile scan­dal’s re­ally up­set­ting me. I find the whole thing re­ally aw­ful.

I just do not un­der­stand why none of the vic­tims spoke out sooner. If it had all come out when he was still alive he could have been brought to jus­tice.

I am gut­ted he is dead so he can’t face it all.

It doesn’t seem like we’ve heard the last of this – there’ll be more peo­ple to come out of the wood­work with other al­le­ga­tions.

And if any­one at the BBC knew about any of the al­le­ga­tions then they are also to blame. How could they have known and not re­ported it? As far as I am con­cerned they’ve got ques­tions to an­swer, and they shouldn’t be al­lowed to get away with it. Any for­mer BBC em­ploy­ees who are found to have known about it should be stripped of their pen­sions.

I can’t be­lieve peo­ple are ad­mit­ting that they knew about this aw­ful bu­sis­ness and that they turned a blind eye to it. I READ that Ian Brady had to be re­vived on his death bed and I re­ally don’t un­der­stand it.

He is a vile mon­ster and he is cost­ing the tax­payer money ev­ery day he is prison.

Why can’t we just let him die? THE story about the poor 18-year-old girl who had to have her stomach re­moved is just aw­ful. I can’t be­gin to imag­ine how aw­ful it has all been for the poor girl.

She was out cel­e­brat­ing her birthday, hav­ing fun with her mates, and the next thing she knows she’s se­ri­ously ill.

I have tried those liq­uid ni­tro­gen cock­tails in a club in Lon­don be­fore and I must ad­mit I was a bit wor­ried about what was in it.

Some­one bought one for me and they were telling me to down it, but I could see steam com­ing off it and it was bub­bling and I re­call think­ing that if I drank it then it would be bub­bling in my stomach and surely that wouldn’t be a good thing.

Hope­fully now they will be looked into and it will be pre­vented from hap­pen­ing again.

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