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emo­tional like that, I’m such a girl some­times.

It shows she’s got some­thing re­ally spe­cial to be able to in­spire that much emo­tion in some­one.

Hear­ing her sing gave me such a weird feel­ing, and I was lit­er­ally cry­ing my eyes out. She has got such a spe­cial tal­ent.

I am stick­ing to my orig­i­nal pre­dic­tion that she will win it – is fi­nally get­ting but I have changed my mind

about the other fi­nal­ists. ex­cit­ing and I re­ally

I think Jahmene Dou­glas will en­joyed watch­ing it at the come sec­ond and Union J will week­end. come third.

My favourite is def­i­nitely I also re­ally like Jade El­lis and Ella Hen­der­son – I’ve been I think she’ll go far as well.

Ev­ery week I will be watch­ing say­ing it since the be­gin­ning

to see if I’m right! of this se­ries – who is just It al­ways shocks me that amaz­ing. Strictly Come Danc­ing is so

As far as I’m con­cerned she pop­u­lar, and I was re­ally is the out and out sur­prised that it to­tally win­ner. She is so THERE is a woman with a 16-inch waist who r eck­ons

beat X Fac­tor in the tal­ented that she’s she’s got the thinnest waist in Bri­tain. too good for X Fac­tor. She wears a corset for 23 hours a day to squeeze her

rat­ings. to beat the world I don’t know why peo­ple When she sang on waist in, and reck­ons she will soon be able

watch it! Satur­day night I was record of 15 inches. I agreed with Louis

give her a in tears – she ac­tu­ally My waist is r eally small and I r eckon I could

keep Walsh when he said that made me cry! I don’t run for her money. I will get my tape mea­sure out and

Bruce Forsyth is too old know why I get all you posted! for it and should re­tire.

SPE­CIAL: Ella is a star

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