Midweek Sport - - FRONT PAGE - By REX ROW­LANDS

THE na­tion’s hottest au­thor Vikki Dark has given the big­gest clue yet as to her r eal iden­tity.

Bri­tain has been lap­ping up her er otic fic­tion thanks to her best sell­ing novel

– but even her big­gest fans ar e still in the dark over who she re­ally is.

She has taken the pub­lish­ing world by storm and peo­ple have been sear ching des­per­ately to iden­tify her.

Now she has writ­ten an ex­clu­sive one-off story just for read­ers that is packed with clues about her iden­tity.

So read on for a su­per steamy r ead that might help re­veal the mys­tery.

THE mo­tor­way seared past the car in rapid pro­por­tions. Emily looked out on to the dis­ap­pear­ing twi­light catch­ing sight of the black chunks of night col­lec­tively join­ing across the deep blue panorama.

Dex was in­tent in his dis­po­si­tion to drive it for­ward as much as he could within the le­gal frame­work of speed­ing lim­its.

He wore a black shirt, par­tially ex­pos­ing his hairy chest. His physique was nat­u­rally very mas­cu­line and heavy around his shoul­ders.

She had al­ways thought his testos­terone lev­els were high as he was the type of man who liked too much sex – unashamedly think­ing about wet­ting his seven-inch thick one at ev­ery con­ceiv­able op­por­tu­nity.

He was brute-like in his per­son­al­ity, over­bear­ing and overly as­sertive; traits she had se­cretly clung to – al­though what amazed her the most was the mix­ture of these strong in­stincts with a abil­ity to turn ut­terly fem­i­nine at other times in his need to touch her body lightly and ap­pre­ci­ate all the finer de­tails that she put into her del­i­cate, pretty ap­pear­ance.

It was a shame things had come to this be­cause of him – she felt like she couldn’t sat­isfy him alone and strug­gled to con­jure spicy ex­pe­ri­ences for his in­sa­tiable ap­petite.

That said, there was no in­di­ca­tion that he wasn’t happy f***ing her nice tidy pink wet pussy on tap, but she just wanted to keep it that way.

Ok, she loved him – you know, like madly. So when a woman re­alises that she has found ‘The One’ (and when I say ‘One’ I mean a guy who f***s you like a f***ing brute mixed with enough sen­si­tiv­ity to notice ev­ery gor­geous out­fit you have ever wore) you don’t want to lose it, just in case an­other one like that doesn’t come along.


Emily’s idea was to swing. It was just last week­end when they had their first ex­pe­ri­ence via a phone call from an Indonesian pi­lot who asked to meet with his girl­friend.

The pair of them were nice enough. When Emily ar­rived his eyes lit up. He was short, brown-skinned and bald with a young look to him.

As they were lead through the hall­way on the white thick car­pet, the girl­friend ap­peared, dressed like sex­ily, her dark hair the op­po­site of Emily’s honey tresses.

On sight of Dex she couldn’t hide her at­trac­tion to his po­ten­tial ca­pa­bil­i­ties – af­ter all her guy was small in frame and not the type to throw you around the bed­room.

As Emily got her am­ple bare breasts felt as her mouth was wrapped around the pi­lot’s medi­ocre-sized very rock hard cock, she ob­served her sweet­heart and the slut ex­chang­ing lengthy eye contact as she sucked him while wrapping her large tits around his length and balls.

Luck­ily, he came all over her face which meant she didn’t have to go through the painful ex­pe­ri­ence of get­ting an eye­ful of Dex’s ass cheeks pound­ing away at her easy pussy.

As the pi­lot came all over Emily’s peachy nip­ples, she swal­lowed the pain of watch­ing him en­joy an­other.

At the risk of sound­ing psy­chotic, the day be­fore this one was a day full of anger at him. She told him she didn’t love him any more and couldn’t feel the same again (much to his shock) so when the call came in tonight for a meet­ing in Dover for DP she ac­cepted with vengeance.

She saw it in her tiny mind as a way of re­pair­ing her carved-up heart, giv­ing her back some con­trol. T wasn’t a prob­lem con­vinc­ing Dex to do it, as I think I said he just loved to f***. The mo­tor­way turned into slip roads which melted into res­i­den­tial ar­eas that sat by a deep dark ocean. The des­ti­na­tion was close.

She felt ner­vous ad­mit­tedly as she had never done any­thing like this be­fore. Dex was train­ing her up for anal which she en­joyed greatly even though she was a lit­tle scared of get­ting hurt ev­ery time he pushed up there fur­ther.

A tall mousy-haired youngish guy an­swered the door to the white cottage that sat on the di­ag­o­nally-sit­u­ated

I“F*** him, you whore,” Dex shouted. She started to f*** him so Dex could see Tom’s mas­sive piece slid­ing all the way up his lover’s pussy.

Dex’s hands ap­peared at ei­ther side of her as she was f***ing and ripped open her dress so her nat­u­ral pale boobs hung naked for all to see.

As the heat of the fire hit her ass, she heard Dex un­zip his fly. She knew what was com­ing.

The room swirled around her as Tom f***ed her deeply. Dex licked her ass be­fore rub­bing his cock on to it.

He thrust him­self into it with greater en­ergy than ever be­fore. He was rock solid and he moaned as he forced him­self deeper and deeper into her, shock­ing her ass into im­me­di­ate sub­mis­sion. The feel­ing of two cocks up you is like noth­ing else. Emily f***ed on both erec­tions like a good girl en­joy­ing the sheer lust that they felt for her. Dex drove into her so deep it hurt. As he struck her ass more the feel­ing started.

Both of them groped at her tits and Tom f***ed that pussy to his heart’s con­tent.

She felt the boys in all their man­li­ness – as what could only be de­scribed as be­ing com­pletely full up with cock.

As it got stronger she thanked her lucky stars that she was the way she was or this mon­ster of an or­gasm would never have come.

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