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Dear Peach,

I HAD to write to you to tell you about Sun­day, my best day of the week.

I’m mar­ried to a won­der­ful woman who has su­per 38FF breasts. It turns her on when I fon­dle and lick her erect nip­ples and, need­less to say, this gets me go­ing too.

She also likes to give me a tit-rub when I place my dick be­tween her boobs and she jig­gles them up and down un­til I cli­max.

We nor­mally start our games at around 8.30am.

Of course, we’re naked and first she strad­dles me and then bends over so that her pen­du­lous tits are dan­gling just above my face.


Af­ter a while she guides my rigid love-rod into her gap­ing minge and then bounces up and down on it.

As she does this I reach up and tweak her nip­ples un­til they are as stiff as my man­hood.

It’s only a mat­ter of sec­onds be­fore she screams out in ec­stasy as she reaches her first of many or­gasms.

We rest for a while and some­times have a fag and a cup of cof­fee be­fore get­ting back to our saucy fun and games.

She lies on her back with her thighs spread wide and I po­si­tion my­self with my head over her fanny so we can per­form oral sex on each other.

As I lap at her shaven lips and swollen clit she slurps on my bell-end while ca­ress­ing my balls.

Some­times, when she ’s feel­ing par­tic­u­lar ly horny and n a u g h t y, she’ll thrust a fin­ger in my bum­hole which drives me to­tally wild.

We do this for a while un­til we’re both sat­is­fied, then it’s back to the boobs for me.

While she’s still lay­ing on her back I climb aboard and take one of her nip­ples in my mouth.

I kiss, lick and suck it for ages un­til she’s beg­ging me to en­ter her which I do with one almighty thrust. Then I ride her like a stal­lion, kiss­ing each breast in turn as I pump away at her un­til we cli­max to­gether.

I fin­ish off the morn­ing ses­sion with a few min­utes fondling and kiss­ing her breasts again be­fore we go down­stairs to have break­fast.

But yes­ter­day she sud­denly an­nounced she was think­ing of hav­ing her breasts re­duced – I was speech­less. What should I do?

CF, Staffs, via e-mail

Peach says:

ALL you can do is point out what an im­por­tant part of love­mak­ing her breasts are to you and maybe she’ll change her mind. I’VE been pes­ter­ing my work­shy hubby to lay a pa­tio for months. But he’d rather piss his time away down the boozer and so I had to pay a lo­cal builder to do the job.

For the first few days he sent round a young labourer to do the don­key work.

And he was cer­tainly fit for the job! He was in his early 20s, a good 15 years younger than me and would strip off to a tight T-shirt and baggy pants as he spaded away.

I couldn’t help notice he seemed to have a mas­sive cock down his pants and on the sec­ond day when I took him a cup of tea I joked about his boss send­ing a don­key to do the don­key work.

He looked at me a bit puz­zled and then his eyes lit up and he said: “Well, I’ve had no com­plaints so far.”

I didn’t want to be too much of a slut but I told him if he need a shower af­ter he’d fin­ished to be my guest.

He knocked off a good hour be­fore my hubby got back from work and when he stripped down to his box­ers be­fore get­ting in the shower. I couldn’t re­sist.

So when I heard the shower go­ing I slipped out of my clothes and got in with him, both of us to­tally naked.

He must have liked what he saw be­cause his cock sprang up and it was mag­nif­i­cent, a real mas­sive dong. I soaped it and wanked it and then took it in my mouth.

Then I stood up against the wall and spread my legs. I thought I was go­ing to faint as he pushed his mas­sive cock up my pussy.

When he’d got the full length in I started to or­gasm and af­ter he built up some pace I was moan­ing and groan­ing like I’d been shot.

He pulled out and shot his spunk all over my arse and in a few min­utes was rock solid again and ready for an­other top shag. Sadly he was pulled off the job the next day and his boss fin­ished off the work.

Now I’m think­ing of hav­ing an ex­ten­sion done, what do you think?

Peach says:

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