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THE Jimmy Sav­ile scan­dal is still rum­bling on with more and more dis­turb­ing reve­la­tions ev­ery day.

When I was a kid I was des­per­ate to be on the show and wrote in in 1985 ask­ing ask­ing for him to fix it for me to sing on stage with Pepsi and Shirlie.

When I didn’t get a re­ply I was gut­ted but now I guess I had a lucky es­cape.

There’s prob­a­bly a lot of peo­ple like me who are now re­lieved the old perv never granted their wishes.

But some­one must have known what he was up to back then and he should never have been al­lowed to be on the telly in the first place.

It just goes to show that some­times the ru­mours you hear about fa­mous peo­ple are true and I think there are prob­a­bly some mas­sive A-lis­ters out there with skele­tons in their closet.

You’ve got to won­der what else has been brushed un­der the car­pet in the show­biz world be­cause it seems like all these celebri­ties op­er­ated in their own lit­tle world.


For too long fa­mous peo­ple have been able to get away with stuff. Now is the time for any other vic­tims who ex­pe­ri­enced any­thing like this in the past to come for­ward.

Be­cause, al­though Sav­ile got away with it for years and years, no-one is too fa­mous to beat the sys­tem in the end.

If one good thing comes out of this it should be that peo­ple will learn not to keep things to them­selves. JOR­DAN has been go­ing on about how she started the celebrity au­to­bi­og­ra­phy trend and that Ch­eryl Cole has copied her.

What a stupid thing to say. Who the f**k does she think she is?!

Plenty of peo­ple had writ­ten au­to­bi­ogra­phies be­fore that daft cow wrote hers.

She ‘ll be say­ing she in­vented glamour mod­el­ling next!

It’s sad, she’s just cling­ing on to any way she can to keep her­self in the pa­pers be­cause she knows her pop­u­lar­ity is fall­ing.

She wrote in her col­umn that she is look­ing for­ward to lunch­ing with Ch­eryl (be­low) at the best­seller awards.

If I was Ch­eryl I wouldn’t want any­thing to do with her.

Ch­eryl is a proper bona fide celeb while Jor­dan is just a clin­gon. YET again my favourite X Fac­tor con­tes­tant Ella Hen­der­son was bloody bril­liant on Satur­day night.

She is just so good and her per­for­mance was out of this world.

I did feel sorry for Me­lanie Mas­son be­ing voted off be­cause she has a beau­ti­ful voice and this is prob­a­bly her last chance at crack­ing the mu­sic in­dus­try.

But at the end of the day I think the win­ner of X Fac­tor should be some­one young. I think the whole com­pe­ti­tion should be about find­ing a young star.

It was a shame for her to lose out to boy band Dis­trict 3 but they are young boys with their whole lives ahead of them.

There can only be one win­ner and all of the oth­ers have to be voted off at some point.

I have started to warm to Ni­cole Scherzinger ( top). She does have a funny side and I like her sense of hu­mour al­though she does still an­noy me the way she gets up and dances while the acts are singing.

She’s got an amaz­ing fig­ure. There was a pic­ture of her out at an X Fac­tor af­ter party in a dress with a full length zip and she has got a fan­tas­tic pair of legs.

And I like Ry­lan Clark as well. He is an­noy­ing but he does bring some­thing to the show.

Each week I look for­ward to see­ing what he’s go­ing to do next and he does make it more en­ter­tain­ing.

He is def­i­nitely in the right hands with Ni­cole – she is the per­fect per­son to be his men­tor as she knows ex­actly how to camp it up! I AM back on Red­light Cen­tral tonight (Wed) so come and join me LIVE on Chan­nel 932.

Tonight I will be live in the “of­fice” so make sure you tune in from 10pm – 5.30am. IS it just me or are the Sun­day pa­pers get­ting re­ally bor­ing these days? The only one with any good stuff in it is the Sun­day Sport.

The rest of ‘em are all bloody bor­ing

My favourite part of a Sun­day was hav­ing a nice roast din­ner and catch­ing up with all the gos­sip in the pa­pers.

But now they are just dull, dull dull.

I want to read naughty sto­ries about peo­ple mis­be­hav­ing and I want to see pretty girls in their un­der­wear!

I think it’s about time there was a new cheeky glamour model on the block to cre­ate a bit of scan­dal and ex­cite­ment.

We need some­one to get out there and cause some trou­ble so we can all read about it.

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