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Dear Jemma,

ME and my hus­band have been mar­ried for nearly 12 years. But, like many marriages, we seem to have hit a bit of a stale patch.

He’s happy go­ing to the pub with his mates while I go out to clubs.

One Satur­day night he’d gone for a drink and I met my pals for our weekly knees-up.

We went to a few wine bars and by the time we got to a night­club I was tipsy.

I was stand­ing at the bar when there was a tap on my shoul­der and I turned round to see my hubby.

He was with his best mate and the pair of them looked rat­ted.

It seems they’d had a skin­ful in the pub and had taken a cab into town.


My fella soon nod­ded off on a ta­ble and was car­ried out by the bounc­ers. That was that, I thought, but then I saw his mate walk­ing to­wards me.

He said he’d put my hubby into a taxi and straight away started to feel my bot­tom.

I grabbed his stiff­en­ing man­hood through his trousers and we were soon tak­ing a taxi back to his place.

Af­ter some fondling and kiss­ing he plunged his huge cock into me and I screamed as I had my first or­gasm.

I’ve been see­ing his mate reg­u­larly and I in­tend to go on do­ing so. Am I a slag?

Jemma says:

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Dear Jemma,

I’M an at­trac­tive di­vorcee in my early 30s.

Since my hus­band left me I hadn’t so­cialised a lot, but a neigh­bour en­cour­aged me to get out more.

It was on one of these nights out that I met a man to whom I was in­stantly at­tracted.

We hit it off from the be­gin­ning, even though I was a bit cau­tious when it came to sex.

But af­ter a din­ner out and a few drinks I in­vited him back. His fore­play was truly won­der­ful.

He teased me with his fin­gers and then his ag­ile tongue played against my love-bean un­til I was beg­ging him to en­ter me.


He thrust deeply, mak­ing me squeal with de­light.

And when we reached or­gasm he was so big and hard I felt the whole of me be­ing filled.

After­wards he apol­o­gised for not be­ing able to stay and I was a bit sus­pi­cious, think­ing he must be mar­ried or some­thing.

When I cleared up my clothes I was puz­zled when I couldn’t find the lacy black panties I had been wear­ing.

The next time he came round we took things more leisurely, un­dress­ing each other in the dim light of the bed­side lamp.

I was al­ready naked when I came to lower his trousers. Un­der­neath, to my shock, he was wear­ing my knick­ers stretched to the limit by the most enor­mous erec­tion.

He laughed and con­fessed he wore them to re­mind him of our evening to­gether.

We had the most won­der­ful sex and he showed him­self to be a mas­ter of bring­ing me to the brink of cli­max over and over again.

Once I had reached a shud­der­ing or­gasm he with­drew his mas­sive mem­ber and spunked all over my boobs.

A few days later we met again and this time I pressed him to show me his home. He seemed a bit re­luc­tant and again my sus­pi­cions were aroused. But he fi­nally agreed.

He lives in a very well-kept apart­ment which he bought af­ter split­ting with his wife.

His bed­room was won­der­ful but I could not help but notice a partly-open drawer and inside were about 20 pairs of silky smalls.

When I con­fronted him he ad­mit­ted that he liked to keep and wear me­men­tos of past lovers.

Now I feel I could be dis­carded just as eas­ily as those knick­ers. Am I wor­ry­ing too much?

IK, Be­bing­ton

Jemma says:

I’VE been mar­ried for five years and for the past six months my wife has been hav­ing an af­fair.

But un­like other blokes I don’t mind too much as I love watch­ing her be­ing f***ed by other well-hung studs.

It all started when I came home early from work one af­ter­noon and couldn’t find her down­stairs.

So I crept to our bed­room, think­ing she must be hav­ing an early af­ter­noon nap. But I got the shock of my life when I opened the door slightly and saw her suck­ing some fella’s cock!

They were so en­grossed in what they were do­ing that nei­ther of them no­ticed me.

Af­ter a few min­utes he pulled her up and pushed her on to the bed on her hands and knees. The mis­sus moaned as he thrust his 10-inch knob into her, doggy-style. She was writhing around scream­ing: “F*** me harder!”

I was so turned-on that I got my cock out and had a cheeky w*nk.

I quickly left the house with­out say­ing a word but con­fronted the wife later about how ex­cited it made me feel.

And to my de­light she said I can watch her shag her lover any time.

Do you think I’m a perv?

Jemma says:

I’VE been do­ing a first aid course at work with the fac­tory nurse.

She’s well tasty, with big tits and a crack­ing arse, and when she asked me to demon­strate the kiss of life on her, I hap­pily obliged.

I cheek­ily slipped my tongue be­tween her lips while I did so.

Then she brought my dick to life with a few in­ti­mate kisses of her own – and a quick feel of my thigh. Now she wants me to go on to the ad­vanced course with her.

I’m not so sure it’s a good idea. What do you think it’ll in­volve?

FH, Bournemouth

Jemma says:

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