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No, I re­ally don’t think it does.

Just be­cause a man has a small one doesn’t mean he’s not go­ing to be good in bed, and vice versa – a big one can be bad, too!

It all de­pends on what you do with it.

Al­though, say­ing that, there could be a prob­lem if it’s minis­cule! I’ve never had full-on sex with a girl, but I did mess around with a friend once.

It started with some harm­less snog­ging in a club, but when we got It’s a pos­si­bil­ity. It just de­pends on who I’m with and if he’s up for it.

I’d only do it with an­other girl. I have fan­ta­sised about it a few times, but it would have to be with two peo­ple I re­ally fan­cied and trusted.

It doesn’t mat­ter to me whether that’s two guys or a guy and a girl – it would be a blast. I had a vi­bra­tor in my lug­gage when I was go­ing on hol­i­day and it showed up on the X-ray.

I had to take it out in front of all the se­cu­rity guys, but they all laughed it off.

I re­ally love be­ing on top, so I can Yes! I just don’ t like the feel of a hairy minky, it feels gross and I don’t think it’s very hy­gienic.

I can’ t stand it if I pull a bloke’s box­ers off and find a big load of pubes, so I re­turn the favour by keep­ing my­self fuzz free and smooth.

It’ s so much more of a turn-on. Clas­sic un­der­wear is the sex­i­est. And it looks even bet­ter on the bed­room floor!

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