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Dear Ju­lia,

EMAIL: agony@sun­daysport.co.

uk OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport, City View House, 5 Union Street, Ard­wick, Manch­ester,

M12 4JD MY MIS­SUS and I have been to­gether for 12 years and have had a good mar­riage… up un­til now.

Her love is food and my love is rumpy pumpy – and I’ve put up with her pil­ing on the pounds be­cause she’s al­ways given me a de­cent amount of sex.

We’ve al­ways done it in the mis­sion­ary po­si­tion and we have never both­ered with any kind of fore­play or de­vi­a­tions.

That’s been fine with me be­cause I’ve been able to get my end away three times a week.

But last week, when I was babysit­ting my brother’s kids, I found his se­cret porn stash and bor­rowed a cou­ple of videos.


I didn’t ex­pect to be turned on and the doggy-style sex and woman on top did noth­ing to ex­cite me.

But then I watched this gor­geous blonde suck off some bloke and I was trans­fixed.

I’ve never seen some­one give a blow-job be­fore and it never oc­curred to me that it would look so good.

She started off lick­ing his pur­ple hel­met when his cock was floppy, slowly work­ing her tongue down the shaft un­til his dick started to get hard.

I could tell even with­out look­ing at the bloke’s face that he was hav­ing the time of his life.

His cock went from three measly inches to a whop­ping seven inches of pork sword. It was enough to break a chair over!

Then the gor­geous blonde took al­most all of his length inside her mouth while work­ing the bot­tom of his cock with her hand.

She was thrust­ing her whole head up and down his shaft, bob­bing in a way that hyp­no­tised me.

I didn’t even re­alise I’d got my rag­ing mem­ber out of my pants and was w*nk­ing my­self off un­til I came with a shud­der and spurted my hot joy juice all over the front of my brand new Ar­mani jeans.

I sat there, spent cock in hand, un­til she fin­ished him off – pulling away as he came so that his stringy spunk went all over her face.

Sud­denly, af­ter 12 years, mis­sion­ary wasn’t enough.

I knew I needed my wife to go down on me and give me a good gob­bling or I wouldn’t be able to con­trol my­self.

I rushed into the kitchen to find my mis­sus munch­ing a huge piece of cake.

Watch­ing her mouth en­gulf the moist sponge made me weak at the knees.

But I didn’t know how to say I wanted my cock to be that piece of cake. What should I do?

DS, Wolver­hamp­ton

Ju­lia says:

ASK her! She can only say yes or no. If she says no, you can al­ways get it from a hooker. IN­SPIRED some­what by the Olympics, I have re­cently joined my lo­cal row­ing club.

And I can tell you one thing for sure – it is ab­so­lutely packed full of women!

I’ve only been go­ing for two months but I have al­ready had a three­some with two buxom beau­ties, plus blow-jobs off four other fe­male mem­bers.

Row­ing girls, it seems, like pulling on a plonker just as much as pulling on an oar.

They also have toned tums and bums, plus very mus­cu­lar thighs. I can’t be­lieve I didn’t join years ago and I’m de­ter­mined to make up for lost time by rat­tling though the lot of ’em.

Is it all too good to be true?

JC, Not­ting­ham

Ju­lia says:

EV­ERY week I look for­ward to Wed­nes­day be­cause that’s the day the bin­men come to col­lect the rub­bish.

One of them in par­tic­u­lar is a mighty hunk with rip­pling mus­cles, glo­ri­ous blond locks and the cutest smile you can imag­ine.

I love to watch him in his tiny vest, hump­ing bags of rub­bish in my back gar­den.

I’ve waved at him a cou­ple of times but so far I haven’t plucked up the courage to chat to him.

I’ve let him glimpse my boo­bies and trimmed trea­sure in a bathrobe at the back door and I’m go­ing to go for it this week.

Do you think I am be­ing a lit­tle too for­ward?

Ju­lia says:

TRY to or­gan­ise a whip round.

MAYBE. But, af­ter all, they are les­bians. IT sounds oar-some to me! NOT at all – you need to get hold of the hunk’s trunk.

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