Lez­zas watched me choke chicken


Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1 -

Dear Ju­lia,

I’M a 23-year-old lad with a high sex drive and, al­though I say it my­self, a good line in chat-ups.

I’ve had all sorts of jobs since I left school and I am now putting my­self about as a bit of a gar­dener.

I’ve re­cently been clear­ing the gar­den at a big old house that a pal of my dad’s bought around our way.

My dad’s mate only comes along ev­ery now and again, so mainly I’m left to do my own thing.

Nearly ev­ery day on my lunch break I get the urge to have an out­door w*nk. As there’s no-one about, I gen­er­ally in­dulge my­self. But what I didn’t know was that the very rear of the gar­den backs on to a house owned my two very fit les­bian MILFs.

It turns out that the saucy rug-munch­ers had caught sight of me and then hid in bushes to have a closer look.

I dis­cov­ered this one day when, af­ter giv­ing my todger a few strokes, I heard gig­gling.

I sprinted to the bushes and caught the pair.

I should have felt em­bar­rassed but they were such stun­nas I of­fered them a free show.

They all said yes so I yanked out my huge erec­tion and gave it a pull. Their eyes nearly popped out and I told them I needed a bit of en­cour­age­ment so they should kiss and fon­dle each other.

They were well up for it and soon were suck­ing on each other’s nip­ples while their fin­gers were knuckle-deep in pussy.

Need­less to say, it didn’t take me too long be­fore I spunked up over all three of them.

I want to meet them again but they’re too busy with work. Do you think this is an ex­cuse?

Ju­lia says:

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