Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1 -

so that po­lice would search for it more quickly? week­end – seven months af­ter nearly dy­ing dur­ing a match? 13. WHICH Nolan sis­ter re­vealed the sad news that she is bat­tling with in­cur­able can­cer? 14. WHICH ac­tor was re­cently named Bri­tain’s rich­est young star with an for­tune of £53.3 mil­lion? North­ern Ire­land were jailed this week for try­ing to smug­gle £500,000 worth of cannabis out of Scot­land in what? 1969 YEAR:

b 15. c 14. b 13. a 12. d 11. a 10. d 9. b

8. a 7. a 6. b 5. d 4. a 3. c 2. b 1. AN­SWERS:


a) His wed­ding b) His first bonk c) Be­ing back on the football pitch d) A heart transplant a) Coleen b) Bernie c) Linda d) Maureen

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