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PRETTY Jamie Jenk­ins is so noisy in bed she’s been evicted from two of her flats af­ter up­set­ting the neigh­bours!

The 22-year-old babe says she can’t help SCREAM­ING the house down ev­ery time she has an or­gasm.

And given that she likes to have sex SIX times a day, that’s a LOT of racket for the neigh­bours to have to put up with.

Sugar Hut honey Jamie said: “It’s really em­bar­rass­ing but it’s the truth. I have had to move flats twice be­cause of my noisy sex!


“It started off with notes be­ing shoved un­der the door, then the neigh­bours com­plained to my land­lord – and on both oc­ca­sions I was asked to leave.

“I love sex, but when you’re stood there be­ing told off by your neigh­bour and your land­lord for do­ing it too loudly it is ab­so­lutely mor­ti­fy­ing.”

But Jamie, from Cob­ham, Sur­rey, isn’t alone in be­ing loud be­tween the sheets.

Nine out of ten women in the UK make more noise than their fel­las, ac­cord­ing to a sur­vey by sex toy re­tailer Love­ Sex­pert Tracey Cox said: “I found it in­ter­est­ing women came up as nois­ier. There is no sci­en­tific ex­pla­na­tion, it tends to be an in­di­vid­ual thing.”

Jamie re­vealed that some of her boyfriends com­mented that she is louder than av­er­age.

The 32C brunette ex­plained: “I have or­gasms quite eas­ily, of­ten get lost in the moment and don’t no­tice how much noise I make.

“One boyfriend ac­tu­ally re­fused to have sex with me at his flat be­cause he was too em­bar­rassed by all the noise.

“I don’t know why, though. I thought it made him sound like a right stud!”

But Jamie ad­mits that she has con­sid­ered hav­ing treat­ment for her loud cli­maxes!

She said: “One of my boyfriends sug­gested I see a coun­sel­lor to work out why I feel the need to make such a racket. I thought that was a bit harsh. “But I’ll con­sider hyp­nother­apy to see if they can make me do it a lit­tle more qui­etly, be­cause it’s not just scar­ing my neigh­bours away, it’s put off boyfriends too.”

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