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WEL­COME to our red-hot new col­umn where read­ers tell all about their sex se­crets.

We know you fel­las would love to find out what really goes on in a woman’s mucky mind.

So each week we’ll be call­ing on a reader’s wife to re­veal her steami­est mo­ments!

And you can even get your mis­sus to spill the beans about her most out­ra­geous an­tics too. Just take a few saucy snaps of her and send them in along with her con­fes­sions to the ad­dress at the bot­tom of the page.

Not only does she get £50, you can also give her the chance to show her­self off in Bri­tain’s raci­est read!

So what are you wait­ing for? SEX PO­SI­TIONS I DON’T mean to sound bor­ing but I do quite like mis­sion­ary. It feels really warm. I love the sen­sa­tion of my hubby ly­ing in-be­tween my legs and just pound­ing and pound­ing away at me.

I can feel his big willy right up me and we just feel so close. I can feel the heat be­tween us build­ing up and he goes faster and harder as I get wet­ter and wet­ter.

Nor­mally, by the end, I’m bang­ing my head on the pil­low and scream­ing, “Give it to me!”, or my per­sonal favourite, “F*** me harder!”

I know peo­ple think it’s bor­ing but I have the best or­gasms when he’s on top.

If you’re in a love with some­one it feels in­ti­mate and lov­ing and, from a tech­ni­cal point of view, if you can get your legs up high the man can get in nice and deep.

Try to aim to get your an­kles over your head – that’s al­ways fun!

I like oth­ers, too, de­pend­ing on my mood. If we’ve had a few drinks it’s doggy-style be­cause it’s dif­fer­ent. That’s my Fri­day night fun.

I also really like it when my man just grabs me out of the blue, rips my clothes off and starts do­ing me.

The other day I walked into the din­ing room and he grabbed me, pushed me down onto the ta­ble, lifted up my skirt and pushed him­self in­side me.

I love that po­si­tion as it feels amaz­ing and he or I can play with my clit whilst he’s pum­melling me from be­hind BEST SHAG I have pretty good sex with my hus­band, but I had a great shag once when I was on hol­i­day with the girls af­ter we had fin­ished col­lege.

We were in this bar in Mar­bella and I’d been flirt­ing with the bar­man all night. I de­cided to stay and chat to him when my mates went back to the ho­tel and, to be hon­est, I was try­ing to get into his tight lit­tle pants.

We closed up and had a few shots and the next thing we were snog­ging pas­sion­ately.

He knew what I wanted and was quite happy to treat me as the slutty lit­tle Brit abroad.

He was this gor­geous Spa­niard and he lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the pool ta­ble. Then he moved my pants to one side, knelt down and start­ing lick­ing me out.

It was sin­gle-hand­edly the best oral sex I have ever ex­pe­ri­enced. He moved his tongue faster than a speed­ing bul­let and I was drib­bling more than Robin van Per­sie.

He started mas­sag­ing my clit with his thumb while push­ing his tongue in and out of me. Just when I thought I was about to cream all over his face, he pulled back and reached for the pool cue.

I lay back and drew my legs up. He turned it around and slipped the thick end into me and started slid­ing it slowly in and out.

Af­ter a cou­ple of min­utes he yanked it out and plunged his cock into me just as I ex­ploded all over the place. WORST SHAG I don’t really have bad sex – it takes two to tango. But the most em­bar­rass­ing thing that ever hap­pened to me was hav­ing to do the walk of shame when I was at nurs­ing col­lege.

I had to walk past a bunch of gran­nies while I had no knick­ers on as I couldn’t find them when I got up. I was just pray­ing no-one no­ticed.

Imag­ine if a gust of wind had blown my skirt up, they all would have been star­ing at my big hairy beaver.

Ac­tu­ally, the fact I’d had sex the night be­fore with­out sort­ing my bikini line out was prob­a­bly more em­bar­rass­ing. THREE­SOMES I’ve never had a three­some, but I’ve had a four­some – which is surely a whole lot bet­ter!

It was with my hus­band and a randy cou­ple we know who were into all sorts.

Af­ter a par­tic­u­larly boozy din­ner party they asked if we had ever wife-swapped. I wasn’t into the idea of go­ing off in­di­vid­u­ally with each other’s part­ners, but said I’d be up for some fun al­to­gether.

It was really quite sexy. We had some wine, then we went into the bed­room. I started kiss­ing Sarah while the guys watched. They then joined us on the bed and started w*nk­ing them­selves off while they watched her bury her head in my crotch.

I don’t know how she was so good at giv­ing a woman head!

My hus­band spread her legs apart and started to fin­ger her while her fella pushed his cock into my mouth.

It just felt so un­be­liev­ably naughty. We were up all night do­ing un­speak­ably rude things to each other. BUM SEX Ev­ery hole’s a goal, isn’t it? I’m not say­ing I’m there ev­ery night when my hus­band comes into the bed­room with my arse in the air scream­ing, “Take me now big boy!”

But when my fella asks I’ll oblige. It feels naughty and I like to feel like a bad girl in the bed­room.

Nor­mally we use a vi­bra­tor as well. Af­ter he’s pushed his eight inches up my jack­sie he will slip a vibe up my front hole.

It just means we’ll both get an or­gasm – ev­ery­one’s a win­ner!

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