Why do I pay men for sex?

When it comes to sex Alyson prefers a pro­fes­sional


SEX-MAD Alyson Howarth only ever bonks es­corts – so she’s GUAR­AN­TEED a good shag ev­ery time!

The 26-year-old babe from Read­ing says she turned to gigolos af­ter get­ting sick of men who couldn’t per­form in bed.

So now the mar­ket­ing man­ager only ever pays for sex, spend­ing £300 each month on horny hunks who know ex­actly what she wants in bed.

Alyson ex­plained: “I’d been sin­gle for about a year and went with­out sex, which was a bit of a night­mare.

“Then the first guy I slept with af­ter my drought was ab­so­lutely rub­bish in bed! I was just gut­ted. I’d waited so long and it was such a dis­ap­point­ment.

“I ac­tu­ally had to fin­ish the job off my­self and af­ter­wards I was kick­ing my­self for wast­ing a notch on my bed­post on such a loser.

“That’s when I de­cided that I’d use pro­fes­sion­als in­stead!”

Gor­geous Alyson, who earns £35,000 a year, is never short of of­fers of dates and will let fel­las take her out.

But she has a very strict five-date rule, mean­ing she won’t sleep with a fella un­til he’s taken her out sev­eral times and given her some in­di­ca­tion that he knows what he’s do­ing in bed.


She said: “I’ve ac­tu­ally only slept with one of the guys I’ve dated over the past few years – and he wasn’t very good so I dumped him!

“Usu­ally, I go on a few dates and if there isn’t a real spark of at­trac­tion straight away, where I feel there will be fire­works in bed, I don’t bother see­ing them again.

“Only one guy has made the mark and he wasn’t very good.

“We only did it a few times and I dumped him and went back to paying for it.

“At least that way I know I’m go­ing to get a good see­ing to ev­ery time.”

Alyson sees two male es­corts on a reg­u­lar ba­sis and says she has slept w ith nine in to­tal

since giv­ing up ‘reg­u­lar’ guys three years ago.

They usu­ally go for din­ner or drinks – but once they get in the bed­room, she’s in charge.

Alyson ex­plained: “Usu­ally, we will have a chat on the phone or via email be­fore­hand. I’ll tell them how I want the night to pan out.

“So, for ex­am­ple, I might ask him to bring along some mas­sage oil and act out a role play scene as a masseur who gets car­ried away and can’t re­sist me.

“Or I might de­cide I want to be in charge and act out one of my fan­tasies where I’m his high-pow­ered boss and I tell him ex­actly what I want him to do.

“I’ve got two guys, Paul and Simon, who I see reg­u­larly and I’m really happy with that. It doesn’t feel seedy.

“It costs be­tween £100 to £150 and I al­ways pay them be­fore the date, di­rect into their bank, so it just feels like a nor­mal night out.


“I don’t think it’s sad or wrong that I’m paying for sex. I know what I want and I just want to en­sure that the sex I get is good.

“They know ex­actly what I like and I have or­gasm af­ter or­gasm.

“Both guys are gor­geous, too, and I get other women scowl­ing at me when I’m out be­cause they’re jeal­ous!”

Alyson in­sists that when she fi­nally does meet a man she feels can sat­isfy all her needs and who she wants to date, she will stop her paid-for dates. She added: “I think do­ing what I do is bet­ter than go­ing out ev­ery night and get­ting drunk and wak­ing up with some id­iot in my bed.

“I work hard and I’d much rather pay a bit of money to guar­an­tee I have a good time with a hot guy!”

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