Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14 -

U know wot I want

You might be sur­prised, right, but I didn't do it there, you know, in the bot­tom, till about a year ago.

I dunno why really. I guess I thought it would really hurt and is was just a bit, you know, un­nat­u­ral and dirty.

Well, it is dirty, but in a good, sexy way. Even think­ing about it really turns me on. Just talk­ing to you and I'm get­ting a bit of a slime on! It's a good we're you're in­ter­view­ing me ove rthe phone or I might have had to jump on you and had my way with you!

But year, I f***ing love it in the ass th­ese days. I can take it really hard and as long as I'm re­laxed and opened up you can really slam it toto me.

I was see­ing this guy with a mas­sive fat dick and I could take all of him. I strug­gled to get my mouth round his bell but the whole 10" fit into my bum eas­ily!

Talk­ing about it just get's me go­'ll to have to ex­cuse me...

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