Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14 -

Pope Bene­dict (right) give for his res­ig­na­tion? 6. WHAT killed the world’s largest croc­o­dile? 7. GANGS from which coun­try are re­port­edly be­hind the horse­meat scan­dal? 8. AC­CORD­ING to Xpro how many failed foot­ballers are

cur­rently in jail? 9. WHAT killed mu­sic group Fish­er­man’s Friend’s man­ager?

a. 34 b. 129 c. 98 d. 765

a. Too horny b. Too old c. Kid­ney stones d. Wanted a hol­i­day a. Food poi­son­ing b. Croc­o­dile Dundee c. Drown­ing d. Di­ar­rhoea a. Swe­den b. Ro­ma­nia c. Croa­tia d. Nor­way

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