Ten years for gas blast nut who killed lit­tle Jamie

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A MAN who blew up his house in a gas blast that killed his two-year-old neigh­bour has been jailed for 10 years.

The ex­plo­sion oblit­er­ated the rented home of An­drew Part­ing­ton and its neigh­bour­ing ter­race houses in Shaw, Old­ham, last sum­mer.

The body of tod­dler Jamie Heaton was later found in the wreck­age.

Part­ing­ton, 28, pleaded guilty at Manch­ester Crown Court in Novem­ber to manslaugh­ter and eight charges of de­stroy­ing houses in the blast in Buck­ley Street on June 26.

Jamie had been watch­ing tele­vi­sion in the lounge while his mother was do­ing house­work and his fa­ther was out at work.

He lived on the same street with his par­ents Kenny and Michelle, next door to Part­ing­ton and his part­ner, Ta­nia Wil­liams, and their chil­dren.


Part­ing­ton and Ms Wil­liams had a stormy re­la­tion­ship, ac­cord­ing to lo­cals, with po­lice be­ing called to one bust-up. Neigh­bours said there was an­other row the night be­fore the blast and Part­ing­ton had been drink­ing.

The next day, at around 11.20am, the gas ig­nited.

Part­ing­ton sur­vived and was rescued by emer­gency ser­vices.

He spent weeks in Ed­in­burgh hospi­tal and still suf­fers from in­juries sus­tained in the blast.

The cost of dam­age to the houses and sur­round­ing streets has been es­ti­mated at £1.2 mil­lion.

Part­ing­ton drunk­enly cut two gas pipes in his house be­cause his girl­friend had left him and taken their chil­dren, the court heard.

He sent a se­ries of Black­berry in­stant mes­sages to his part­ner on the night be­fore the ex­plo­sion.

He wrote: “So I guess I have to show you what you meant to me. Never cheated on you. Al­ways loved you. Get f****d now. Good­bye.”

In the next mes­sage, he said: “Told you next time you leave, house goes up with me. You left your kids with no dad, no home. Good­bye. Boom. Gas pipes cut. Al­ready filled up. Boom.”

He let his house fill with gas overnight, but said he woke up and cut the gas sup­ply and opened win­dows.

Part­ing­ton then lit a cig­a­rette, with dev­as­tat­ing con­se­quences.

Sen­tenc­ing him at Manch­ester Crown Court, Mr Jus­tice Hamblen said: “The re­sult­ing scene of the dev­as­ta­tion re­sem­bled a bomb site and in some senses it was. It was in ef­fect a bomb that you cre­ated and det­o­nated.

“You were aware of the risk but you chose un­rea­son­ably to take that risk.”

CAGED: An­drew Part­ing­ton ( left) caused a gas ex­plo­sion which

wrecked his neigh­bour­hood KILLED: Tod­dler Jamie Heaton died in the blast

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