‘So­cial­ist will not sign off bud­get’

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What planet is he on to be­lieve this is a good deal for the Great Bri­tish tax­payer?

story’s not over. The Euro­pean Par­lia­ment has to rat­ify the pro­posed bud­get agree­ment.

Pres­i­dent of the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment, the Ger­man so­cial­ist Martin Schultz, needs to sign it off for it to pass. And the deal could be blocked by MEPs af­ter Schulz threat­ened to use new pow­ers un­der the Lis­bon Treaty to veto any cuts in the size of the EU bud­get.

He said: “As Pres­i­dent of the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment, whose sig­na­ture is re­quired for the de­fin­i­tive adop­tion of the bud­get, I can­not, will not and, in­deed, may not ac­cept what amounts to deficit bud­gets”.

With his cus­tom­ary re­gard for democ­racy and trans­parency, Schultz means to gain the sup­port of the EU par­lia­ment through a “se­cret vote”.

We will have to wait and see, but there is still a pos­si­bil­ity that this rather mod­est bud­get pro­posal will be blocked by the com­mit­ted Euro-Fed­er­al­ists.

other big news story is the horse meat scan­dal, which has ex­posed the fail­ures of the EU sin­gle mar­ket and its reg­u­la­tion pro­ce­dures.

Typ­i­cally the Euro­pean Union ties our hands when we try to re­spond to the cri­sis. The UK can­not in­tro­duce a tem­po­rary ban on for­eign meant un­der trade rules (even though the French banned im­ports of Bri­tish beef and cat­tle dur­ing the BSE cri­sis in 1990 and Italy banned the im­port of French beef in Novem­ber 2000).

We, how­ever, are forced to ne­go­ti­ate with un­elected com­mis­sion­ers be­fore we can even in­tro­duce random test­ing.

The EU has helped to cause this prob­lem and is now prevent­ing us from fix­ing it ef­fec­tively our­selves. Now they are us­ing this ex­er­cise to grab more power from mem­ber states.

we’ve seen a glimpse of the po­ten­tial con­se­quences of mass Bul­gar­ian and Ro­ma­nian im­mi­gra­tion in 2014 from the Ger­man ex­pe­ri­ence.

Sev­eral Ger­man cities are beg­ging for help from cen­tral government in deal­ing with the fall­out of the in­flux, which they say in­cludes se­vere prob­lems in schools, il­le­gal work­ing, in­creased ben­e­fit pay­outs, and an alarming rise in or­gan­ised crime.

The cities of Dort­mund, Hanover, Duis­burg, Berlin and Ham­burg all say that the “the so­cial bal­ance and so­cial peace is ex­tremely en­dan­gered” by the flood of mi­gra­tion.

This is com­pounded by the fact that Ger­man courts have ruled that EU ci­ti­zens from Bul­garia and Ro­ma­nia are en­ti­tled to health­care and so­cial ben­e­fits in Ger­many even with­out a

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