Tar­get: Yahya Ayyash ‘The En­gi­neer’ City, Gaza Lo­ca­tion: Gaza 1996 Date: 01/05/

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known as The En­gi­neer, be­came a Mos­sad tar­get af­ter be­ing iden­ti­fied as the sup­plier of ma­te­ri­als to Ha­mas sui­cide bombers.

He was a brain­box who, from an early age, could fix televisions and com­plex elec­tri­cal gear. It was his knowl­edge of sci­ence which en­abled him to cre­ate a lethal ex­plo­sive out of house­hold prod­ucts, nick­named the ‘Mother of Satan’.

Once Mos­sad agents had tracked him down to a lo­ca­tion in Gaza City, they started to lure him into their deadly trap. He was ac­com­pa­nied at all times by a team of heav­ily armed gun­men, so whack­ing him was a chal­lenge. The plan they came up with in­volved us­ing an agent to be­friend The En­gi­neer.

He was in­vited into his heav­ily guarded home, where they started chat­ting and sip­ping on mint tea. The agent then said he needed to phone some­body and asked if he could bor­row The En­gi­neer’s mo­bile phone. Step­ping out of the build­ing to make the call, the agent re­turned and fin­ished chat­ting be­fore leav­ing the com­pound.

The next day The En­gi­neer re­ceived a call on the same mo­bile phone and, as he started to ask the iden­tity of the caller, a pow­er­ful ex­plo­sive in­side the de­vice was trig­gered, blow­ing his head clean off.

The de­vice had been planted by the Mos­sad agent who had gained ac­cess to his phone and was trig­gered by a unit less than a mile away. THIS guy was at the top of Mos­sad’s hit list, thanks to his bru­tal ac­tions in Latvia dur­ing World War II.

He was known as the Butcher of Riga, help­ing to kill 26,000 Jews dur­ing the ‘clear­ance’ of Riga.

Wit­nesses de­scribed how Cukurs would force vic­tims to per­form sex acts on each other be­fore glee­fully ex­e­cut­ing them. It’s also said that he liked to bat­ter ba­bies to death by smash­ing their heads against walls.

So when Mos­sad tracked him down to Sao Paulo, Brazil, they didn’t mess about.

Cukurs had set up a busi­ness tak­ing tourists on sea plane trips. To lure him into their trap, Mos­sad used an agent pos­ing as a Uruguayan busi­ness­man.

They wanted to whack him WHO are the world’s dead­li­est killers?

You could eas­ily make a case for Colom­bian drug car­tel hit­men, mafia dons, the SAS – or maybe even a disease like malaria.

But don’t be fooled – they all pale into in­signif­i­cance when com­pared with Mos­sad – the planet’s No.1 mur­der ma­chine.

The Is­raeli se­cret ser­vice will use ANY method to elim­i­nate their en­e­mies – from sticky bombs to cheese wires, poi­soned choco­late bars and sub-ma­chine gun wield­ing cross-dressers.

You’ll have seen Mos­sad in ac­tion when they hit the head­lines in 2010 for whack­ing a Ha­mas leader in a posh ho­tel in Dubai.

They were back in the news again last week, thanks to a mys­te­ri­ous Mos­sad op­er­a­tive known only as ‘Pris­oner X’ but thought to be Aus­tralia-born Ben Zy­gier.

His sui­cide two years ago – while held in a ‘sui­cide proof’ prison out­side Tel Aviv – has only just been leaked to the pub­lic.

And it has sparked fears that the agent’s ‘hor­rific’ crimes have been cov­ered up.

Mos­sad has a proud his­tory of car­ry­ing out hits so clean and per­fect that no-one even knows that what has hap­pened is an as­sas­si­na­tion.

Be­cause when Mos­sad are in town peo­ple have ac­ci­dents, they de­velop in Uruguay be­cause there was no death penalty, in case any Mos­sad as­sas­sins got caught.

Over months the agent gained the con­fi­dence of Cukurs and, when he in­vited him on a busi­ness trip to Uruguay, he bit.

Cukurs was met at the air­port by the agent and taken to a re­mote cot­tage in the jun­gle.

As he en­tered, he was greeted by the sight of five Mos­sad agents in their undies, all wield­ing ham­mers. strange ill­nesses, they fall off things and they top them­selves.

Former spymaster, Meir Da­gan, had a spe­cial wel­come for new Mos­sad re­cruits.

He’d tell them a true story: As a sol­dier in Le­banon he’d ar­rived at the af­ter­math of a sav­age fight be­tween two feud­ing fam­i­lies. The fa­ther of one fam­ily had shot the other in the head, his brain had flopped out onto the floor. As the dead man’s wife and chil­dren lay scream­ing and splat­tered with blood, the at­tacker scooped up the brain and started eat­ing it.


With the room­ful of Mos­sad re­cruits re­duced to a stunned si­lence, Da­gan would ex­plain: “This is how we op­er­ate. We eat their brains be­fore they eat ours.”

It’s this kind of psy­cho at­ti­tude that has helped Mos­sad be­come the world’s most ef­fi­cient killers.

It’s the at­ti­tude re­cruits NEED to make it through the gru­elling train­ing that takes place at a spe­cial camp in Hen­zelia, near Tel Aviv.

This is where an elite group is se­lected to form the as­sas­si­na­tion The lack of clothes was to avoid them get­ting splat­tered with blood.

For the next hour Cukurs was bru­tally bat­tered, be­fore fi­nally be­ing fin­ished off with a bul­let to the head.

His bro­ken body was stuffed into a leather trunk with a note left on top say­ing ‘Those Who Will Never For­get’.

As the as­sas­sins es­caped, the world’s me­dia was sent a pho­to­graph of the trunk with in­struc­tions on where to find the body.

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