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squad, known as the Ki­don (He­brew for ‘tip of the spear’).

This is made up of 48 op­er­a­tives, six of whom will be fe­male.

For two years th­ese Ki­don op­er­a­tives are given a mas­ter­class in mur­der and as­sas­si­na­tion – mar­tial arts, marks­man­ship, ex­plo­sives, poi­son­ing, stab­bing, gar­rot­ting.

If it can snuff you out – they’ll study it.

They’re trained to kill in any sit­u­a­tion, any en­vi­ron­ment. Whether it’s jab­bing en­e­mies through the eye with a pen or us­ing one of Mos­sad’s trade­mark sticky bombs (mo­tor­cy­cle rid­ers plonk them onto tar­get ve­hi­cles).

But killing is just part of their train­ing – they also learn how to cover up their handy work.

Mos­sad are ex­perts at ‘ dress­ing’ bod­ies of vic­tims to make it look like they’ve died by ac­ci­dent or from nat­u­ral causes. It’s this mad level of care and at­ten­tion which has en­abled Mos­sad to whack hun­dreds of high-pro­file tar­gets through­out the world.

Mos­sad, which was formed in 1949, re­ports di­rectly to the Is­raeli pres­i­dent. They’re tasked with gath­er­ing info on en­e­mies of Is­rael and de­stroy­ing des­ig­nated tar­gets. They op­er­ate with no re­stric­tions – they’re free to do what­ever it takes to get a job done.

Mos­sad made their name by track­ing down and ex­ter­mi­nat­ing war crim­i­nals who had es­caped jus­tice af­ter World War II. But they’ve since been on a world tour of spec­tac­u­lar as­sas­si­na­tions.

So let’s take a look at some of Mos­sad’s great­est hits.

MOS­SAD MYS­TERY: Ben Zy­gier was be­lieved

to be the agent known as ‘Pris­oner X’

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