Had­dad Tar­get: Wadie Baghda d, : Lo­ca­tion Iraq 04/1978 Date: 28/

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WHAT makes Mos­sad so ace at killing is their abil­ity to ex­ploit a tar­get’s weak­ness.

And when that tar­get is a 309lbs fat bloke, like Wadie Had­dad, the weak­ness is through his stom­ach.

He had been iden­ti­fied as an op­er­a­tive work­ing for a Pales­tinian ter­ror group linked to plane hi­jack­ings of Is­raeli civil­ians.

Had­dad had sus­pected that Mos­sad were on his tail and had es­caped to the se­cu­rity of a safe house in Bagh­dad, where he rarely ven­tured out with­out armed guards.

Mos­sad agents mon­i­tored him for months and were able to bug calls he made in which he moaned to fam­ily mem­bers about the poor food in Iraq.

Us­ing a Pales­tinian agent who be­friended Has­sad, the Mos­sad hit squad be­gan to sup­ply him with boxes of lux­ury Bel­gian choco­lates.

Th­ese had been laced with a spe­cial slow-re­lease toxin, devel­oped to slowly rot Had­dad from the in­side.

The poi­son closely re-cre­ated the ef­fects of leukaemia, caus­ing Had­dad weak­ness, vom­it­ing and in­ter­nal cramps. Doc­tors were un­able to di­ag­nose the cause and in­stead gave him heavy doses of painkillers.

With Has­sad suf­fer­ing, the one com­fort he turned to was food and he con­tin­ued stuff­ing his face with Bel­gian choco­lates.

It was some six months later, while holed up in a run­down ho­tel in East Ger­many, that he even­tu­ally died.

The cause of death was of­fi­cially recorded as be­ing leukaemia.

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